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What are the crucial aspects when planning and designing an eCommerce store?

Making money online isn’t a well-kept secret anymore, but has slowly but steadily risen the charts of popularity over search engines as a hot topic of interest for many. Many people today are looking to tap the online community to generate moolah and eCommerce is perhaps the quickest means to achieve this. With the coming of bulk seller aggregators such as Amazon and Alibaba and the popularity of drop shipping as a concept, new online stores are springing up on eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify daily. But in order for you to have a lucratively earning web avenue, there are certain best practices to work with.

Here let’s delve into two of the best strategies for eCommerce portal planning and design:

Propagate Trust Through Your Portal’s UI

There are many novice e-commerce enthusiasts who jump on to select the most flashy templates and get started with their store, the only problem being that the sales do not come. This is simply because online shopping in Malaysia just like any other part of the world works on one single concept – trust. It is crucial that your eCommerce web portal propagates trust and ethical values to your prospective customer base. This can be achieved through incorporating trust certifications and secure payment gateway notifications.


Invest in Data security and customer protection

Many people deem shopping portals as a collector of personal data and spammer promoting. This doesn’t have to be the light in which your viewers see your e-commerce portal. Make sure your newsletters and privacy policy clearly highlight that you collect personal data for intimation purposes, and do not indulge in further selling it. Also, providing exhaustive details about the listed products encourages customer trust and following.

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5 Ways to keep your website secure in 2018

When it comes to security, there is always the onus on businesses to leave no stone unturned. In an era where cyber attacks have become commonplace, it is important for businesses to ensure that their websites are foolproof and can survive malicious intrusions. As technology evolves, so does the manner in which cyber-attacks are carried. Today hackers across the globe use advanced snooping and targeting techniques to carry out phishing attacks.

So, how can one protect their site against such threats and ensure website security?

Here’s how:

Security Software and Firewalls: Website security software is the first and foremost step towards making your site safe from any infection. The ideal measure is to put in place an Anti-Malware and Antivirus programs. Using the two in tandem can help businesses detect different kinds of threats and thereby cover all bases and ensure security.

Be Smart: It is important to think smart and ensure that you do not accidentally induce any malware into the system. Be cautious when clicking on suspicious links. Run them through scans before opening them.

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Use a VPN: VPNs or Virtual Private Networks help you conceal the identity of the network you are browsing from by masking your IP address. Such VPN providers help you protect yourself from monitoring agencies and keep the website secure.

Keep your Computer Updated: Today, hackers across the globe try to stay ahead of emerging trends and exploit the security flaws in your OS or website. A good example of the same is the Wannacry ransomware that wreaked havoc across the internet in early 2017.

Do not use unvetted software: It is always safe to keep your website running lean and without any unwanted software. When adding new plugins to your backend or server, be sure to check for the credentials and ensure that it is safe for usage.

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Opt for these 4 PHP frameworks and make web development fruitful

When it comes to web development, there is no better platform than PHP. However, PHP in itself boasts of several open source frameworks that developers can choose from. Each of the frameworks has a unique advantage and pain point. Opting for the right framework can help you develop tailor-made solutions.

If you are opting for web development, be sure to check out 2018’s prominent PHP frameworks:

Laravel: It is a highly popular and well-regarded framework that enjoys success due to the fact that it uses MVC architecture and an intuitive dashboard that simplifies development and makes it developer-friendly.

Symfony: It is predominantly used for large-scale website development as its libraries are large and reusable. This also allows the development of different tasks such as object configuration, form creation, authentication, routing, templating, etc.

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CodeIgniter: It is a lightweight PHP framework that is famed for the ease of development it offers. It has an easy installation process and requires a minimum configuration thereby making it an ideal choice for PHP developers.

Yii: It is well-suited for large-scale projects as it is swift and compatible with a variety of frameworks. It helps boost the performance of websites and allows them to enjoy better loading speeds. It is a preferred choice for developers due to its robust capabilities.

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The Crucial Role of Mobile Applications in Education!

Business, Technology, Internet And Network Concept. Young BusineEdTech or Edutech as it is known as is one of the largest markets. With STEAM learning gaining prominence all over the globe, mobile app developers across the planet are looking to innovate and introduce custom developed mobile apps that improve the quality of education imparted to students across the globe. Thanks to the ubiquity of Android-powered smartphones, it is now easy to build free apps that can be used to roll out education solutions.

Here’s how Smartphones will transform the Education Landscape:

1. Easy Creation of Learning Content: With mobile apps, teachers and faculty are liberated from the task of creating and maintaining learning content in physical form through books and documents. Instead, they can now rely on the app to roll out learning material and assessment material to all students and ensure that the process of knowledge transfer is made easy.

2. Learning on the Go: Education apps enable students to be mobile and enjoy learning on the go. They are freed from being glued to their class benches and can learn from where they wish to. This also offers teachers with the freedom to be creative in their lectures and lab classes. Teachers can take students around the school campus and teach them about various concepts using visual aids provided in the app.

3. An Immersive Learning Experience: Making a dry concept like physics can be quite a challenge for teachers as they may not have props or AV aids at their disposal. A mobile app, however, can bring detailed animations and GIFs of important concepts to students thereby making it highly interesting for students. This also makes it easy for students to visualize and relate to concepts.

4. Personalized Attention to Special Students: Studies show that every one-in-five student across the globe suffer from dyslexia which makes hard for them to keep up with the learning speed of their fellow peers. Such students can benefit immensely from an educational app that allows them to learn at their own pace and enjoy their lessons without any pressure.

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Watch out for these 7 website development trends in 2018

With the emergence of the New Year, new trends have arrived over the horizon. While this can be said of any industry, it is all the more prominent in the domain of web design, where the pace of development of new concepts has been relentless. If you wish to give your business a new perspective, then opt for a new design and maintain your edge over the competition.

The following web design trends are the most exciting and are well-poised to transform 2018:

Minimalist Design: Users today prefer websites that boast of a design that is simple and has subtle and intuitive animations. This helps reduce the page loading times and makes the UX highly intuitive.

Responsive Website designs: It is official: mobile-based browsers have surpassed their desktop counterparts in terms of traffic and usage statistics. Hence, it is important to understand that more users access the internet from smartphones. Responsive designs that are mobile optimized are the new trend.

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Bold Typography and large fonts: As discussed earlier, mobile based browsers are leading in terms of internet traffic. To conform to this new trend, business across the globe are exploring large fonts and bold text in order to make them stand out from the small screens of smartphones.

Promotional Videos: Brief videos with a content not exceeding more than a minute are now the newest promotional medium. Backed by marketing experts, these small videos are now integrated within the website, sometimes even as the background, and help boost site engagement.

Actionable buttons: Unlike regular eCommerce sites where the “Buy Now” buttons are placed only on the checkout page; the trend now is to reduce the number of steps required for a user to purchase a product. This makes it easier to reduce cart abandonment and boost sales.

AMP Pages: Accelerated Mobile Pages are the latest trend in the domain of web design. This is mainly aimed at smartphone users who read content from social media sites. AMP allows instantaneous loading of these web pages.

ChatBots: AI-powered ChatBots that handle the customer enquiries are the trend the world over. Thanks to their scalability and their accuracy, ChatBots will soon find their place in all websites.

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Why should you Opt for Rapid App Development?

17883936_218188585331753_1086264301126107826_nWhen it comes to mobile app development, there is no such thing as “late to the party.” Any mobile app regardless of when it debuts can run away to success if it captures the right audience and offers the right solutions. So, if you have a mobile application idea that targets a niche audience, the odds of success are always great. But one has to ensure that the app reaches the market as early as possible to latch on to the early momentum. However, this can be accomplished only by opting for rapid app development.

What is Rapid App Development?
Rapid App development refers to a philosophy that focuses on shrinking delivery timelines and getting the application to the market in the shortest time-frame. It depends on popular strategies such as iterative development, prototyping, and time-boxing to get the app to the market in its minimum configuration and developing the application on-the-go.

What are the Benefits of this Development Model?

Abandoning a traditional model of full-fledged development for protracted timelines can always lead to a lot of performance limitations and bugs. However, it is not without its benefits either. The following benefits can be enjoyed by opting for rapid mobile development:

1. Affordability: As the fee for building the application is based on a per-hour fee, the cost is generally low as the time taken to bring the application to the market is very less.

2. Ease of Development: Building such products do not require a team of high-level expertise. Mobile App Developers with medium proficiency can help build the application and keep costs low.

3. Code Reuse: There is no need for developing the entire app architecture from scratch. Most codes are generally reused from other sources thereby expediting delivery.

4. Easy Integration: Thanks to the extensive use of APIs, integration of the application with existing systems is fairly simple and also saves efforts.

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Looking to Develop a Mobile App? Opt for Android and Benefit in these 4 Ways!

bigstock--197241436.jpgIn the era where mobility is a highly important business tool, enterprises all over the globe are working hard to develop apps that offer a unique proposition and lure customers. With an estimated user base of 2 billion, Android is the most popular mobile OS. Thanks to the Open source community and the proliferation of Android-powered devices across the globe, developing an app on this platform guarantees businesses access to a large customer base.

Here are a few reasons that will convince you into opting for Android development:

1. Reach: Reaching over 2 Billion users, it is the single largest mobile OS in terms of user base. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, the reach of apps can be very vast, enabling developers to target aggressive adoption by building Android apps.

2. Virality: Due to the humongous user base, even a fraction constitutes a very large and promising number. So, even if your app targets only 0.1% of Android users, you still can end up with up to 2 million users and that is a huge market. This level of virality is unique to this platform.

3. Ease of Development: Android apps are easier to develop than other apps due to the availability of a vast trove of developer tools on the market. This makes it particularly useful for developers who may be short on resources and are looking to expedite development. As Android is an open source platform, there are several third-party plugins which are free and help reduce development costs.

4. Better ROI: Android Apps offer a better ROI as they allow for a freemium model. This model allows developers to earn revenues from Ads while keeping the app free for users. This boosts the number of installs and makes it a viable business. These apps also offer better results in terms of customer loyalty and brand recall. This makes them a highly reliable one-time investment.

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