Top 4 Must-have Features to include on your Hotel Booking App!

Hotel Booking1 - bigstock-195783706Travelers these days are self-reliant and plan their own itineraries. From booking hotels to mapping routes, modern-day travelers prefer charting their own journeys and experiences – but they’re not alone! Aiding them is technology that fits right into their pockets, allowing them to streamline the travel experience. Amidst the growing popularity of smartphones when it comes to holiday planning, we could witness the increased adoption of hotel booking apps, especially amongst the millennial. So, if you’re running a travel business, you can target this potential market segment comprised of independent, travel-loving souls with wanderlust, by hiring a mobile app development company and devising your own hotel booking app.

Before you Launch an App, make sure you incorporate these 4 must-have features into it:

#1 Hotel Reservation

No traveler wants to travel miles and then be denied entry into a hotel they thought they’d booked. Enabling seamless hotel reservations through the app can help them plan journeys better and skip out on waiting time involved in lengthy, cumbersome and manual reservation processes.

#2 Make Transport Options Available

If someone’s traveling halfway across the globe, it’s obvious that it’s not just for a stay at a hotel! Supplement their sightseeing endeavors by providing transportations options that include the cab, train or flight booking. This adds cohesiveness to your app, ensuring that the user doesn’t have to hop from app to app to make various bookings.

#3 Account Creation Option

While it might be convenient for one-time users to have the option of guest checkouts on bookings, repeat users might be unable to keep a tab on their bookings and reservations made till date. Allow account creation and provide a personalized dashboard for each user to augment the user experience.

#4 Make Payments Effortless

You cannot impose a particular payment method and expect your app users to stick to the same. Add multiple options, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, Net banking and of late, Bitcoin! Facilitating multiple payment options with an appropriate payment portal will give users the added liberty of choosing from the most convenient option available.

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The most trending technologies you need to watch out for in 2018

2018 is an interesting year in terms of various technologies which had been lying in the cradle for so many years, and are finally finding manifestation. With the spanning out of the internet and the increase in the computation power of machines, there has been a great deal of push which these technologies have got, and have driven them to be the defining entities of the future.

Here is a list of some of the most trending technologies this year.

Long gone are the days when sales executives would greet you on websites or mobile apps. In the times of artificial intelligence, it’s the chatbots who are replacing these executives and can be seen making conversations with customers.

Progressive web apps
These apps seeming like mobile applications from the look and feel actually conceal a webpage or a web avenue in the heart. The greatest advantage of such a design is the fact that they do not need the internet for their operation.

Website notifications
A cost-effective way to communicate directed information to consenting users, this new way to communicate is also of great value in communicating information between websites.

Trends 2018
Web development Trends 2018

One page websites
A rather queer invention this one, it has a long single page of content where sectioning through internal linking helps viewers navigate between content modules. This saves the need for any server refreshes, once the entire page has been loaded.

In motion interfaces
Users can be shown certain sections of the webpage to be in motion through the use of smart animations and transitions and this adds a whole new level of appeal to the project.

Photo content
Using smart and elucidate graphics and photos to start and carry on conversations is the main idea here, which can be seen in action on a number of social networking avenues today.

Advanced Flash
Flash is still a hit when it comes to swanky graphics enticing the viewers to get attracted to the content of the websites.

Static websites
Hitting the nail on its head, static websites are just flat HTML coded pages which make a straight point without beating around the bush.

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Top 4 Android App Development Trends In 2018 You Need To Be Aware Of!

bigstock--164974631.jpgAndroid, the biggest mobile operating system is convoluting with each passing day, as the community brings in advanced innovations to transform it. Thus every other month the Android developers’ community has a lot to talk about, and the enthusiasts have a great deal to look forward to, ex-ante.

Below are the few trends which will set Android app development alight in the times to come:

  • Instant Mobile Apps for Android

    Perhaps the most interesting trends, millions of Android lovers are waiting for the time when they would no longer have to download and install their mobile apps from the Google PlayStore and will be able to run them instantly.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages supported Web Applications

    This will be a result of the never-ending pursuit from Google to provide users with lighting speed page loading such as in mobile apps, in the web application space. This will have a direct positive impact on the search engine rankings and the net bounce rate from the web pages.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    As a report from Statista brings out, the consumers embracing AR and VR technologies are expected to increase by 50% year on year. Not only will this bring sustained benefits to the driving and medical sectors, Android app development will be able to realize its true potential when clubbed with these path-breaking technologies.

  • Artificial Intelligence Driven Applications

    AI Assistant powered applications are already in good use at the moment, and this is only set to grow and build utility in the times to come. So expect to see more and more applications with chat assistance powered by AI in the coming months.

Make sure your Android application is in line with the top trends. Reach out to Openwave, the Android App Developers in Malaysia who’ll help you stay relevant in a competitive space!

Magento ecommerce website development

Top Magento Trends that will build your brand online in 2018

E-commerce has revolutionized the way customers shop and purchase for commodities online – and they’re not the only ones benefitting from it. Businesses are reaping the benefits of catering to a globally-distributed audience and adding more digits to their revenues. With the industry evolving at an unprecedented rate, Magento eCommerce website owners, need to stay in line with the trends to cut a niche in the over competitive online shopping space.

Here are the latest Magneto eCommerce trends that will help in pushing forward your brand online and beat your competition in 2018:

Add the personal touch
Customers are looking for an eCommerce platform that is a personalized shopping experience which makes them feel special and like they are the only ones using the platform. Targeted ads and product recommendations based on preferences translate to greater customer retention.

mCommerce will rule the roost
It has become unimaginable to think of a world without our mobile phones. From paying our bills to exploring the World Wide Web, it’s all done with the help of our mobile phones. Optimizing the Magento store for mobile users gives your customers the luxury to shop from anywhere, anytime.


Magento Trends 2018


Sell via social media
Businesses have started to take advantage of selling their products and/or services through social media. With a large number of people distributed across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you need to link your Magento store with these channels to stay social and engaged with your customers.

Pop-ups and opt-in forms
Add a pop-up and opt-in form on the landing page to drive the users to take action and convert them into paying visitors. It’s a great way to boost your conversion rates. However, you need to make sure that you do not go overboard with it and add pop-ups everywhere.

Rich user experience
It’s not enough to attract new customers online. The real struggle is getting the customers to come back to your store to shop again – and it’s your Magento store’s UX that largely determines the customer retention rate. So, instead of going for an over-the-top interface, keep it simple, clean and interactive.

If you want to increase your sales online, you need to revamp your store in line with the Magento trends of 2018. Hire Magento developers from Openwave today and taste success in your online business.

Drupal website development

4 reasons why Drupal is perfect for building a web avenue

As eCommerce has grown in popularity as a stream of business, so has the supply of support infrastructure in the form of various platforms. Out of all the various platforms in use today, Drupal is undoubtedly the most scalable and versatile one, and hence is used by most web avenue owners.

Wanting to weave out the perfect web avenue on Drupal? Here are a few reasons why there cannot be any better choice than that:

Superb content management features
As the content hosted on your web portal grows, so will the problem of keeping it managed and fresh for you. Drupal has advanced plugins for easy management of the hosted content and media sitting on top of a hierarchical category structure to arrange the content in.

A well versed support community
A lot of platforms provide a world of features but lack in troubleshooting and support in terms of the documentation available. Since Drupal is extensively used by a wide number of web avenues, the support community is pretty active and hence you will be well supported if you run into problems in the development of your Drupal CMS website.

drupal in the form of a neon light 3D illustration
Drupal Web Development Company

Module specific control features
The real magic in a Drupal website lies in the fact that almost every module of the website – the statistics, categories, posts, media and images etc is controllable and easily customizable in both PHP and through plugins.

Advanced SEO features
Drupal supports dedicated plugins to perform both on page and off page search engine optimization for the websites, and these plugins can list the SEO footprint of any action that you take on the website. This is a handy offering for those looking to effectively promote their web avenue and optimize it for search engines.

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4 Enterprise Apps Features to Enhance Employee Engagement!

bigstock--180350389.jpgThink of enterprise applications today and what presents itself is a central application stack, being used by users of various skill sets, caliber, and backgrounds. In such a scenario, it becomes hard for entrepreneurs and business owners to drive a growth conducive and engaging environment for employees. A recent research study pointed out a 23 % expected growth in sales from enterprise mobile applications, and this is a major reason for enterprises to invest in developing mobile apps.

Here are must-have features to build into your Mobile Apps for an Engaged Workforce:

  • Ease of Information Access and Sharing
    The greatest example in this regard perhaps is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) which gives employees the flexibility to share and exchange information ideas, in situ or on the move. This does not just hike up their efficiency by removing unnecessary roadblocks, but also helps them interact and be a part of the enterprise. That is why it is the most crucial feature to be built in your strategy to develop mobile applications.
  • Acquaintance or Colleague Contact Logging
    As a business owner or even as a Malaysian mobile app developer, you are bound to interact with numerous people on a day-to-day basis. Now sum this up for the entire employee base in your enterprise and what you have is a humungous database of contacts to be managed locally by them. This is why having a central contact logging warehouse goes a long way in helping build lasting relationships, both intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise.
  • Interactive Chatbots
    With the workforce in most enterprises becoming global and spread across time zones, a chatbot can exponentially enhance the interaction and exchange of ideas amongst your employees. An effective mobile app development strategy is one which has an advanced and comprehensive chat feature, along with valuable add-ons like saving these interactions in chat repositories and performing insightful searches on these.
  • Keeping your Employees Updated through Broadcasters
    In a geographically segregated working environment, it is easy for employees to be lost in translation and fall behind in knowing the overall direction of the project and the company as a whole, hence impacting their overall engagement. Including features like blogs and articles for latest project happenings, newsletters and business update subscriptions are smart add-ons to counter such instances.
    Worried that your employee engagement is plummeting? Getting an able mobile application development firm to devise Mobile Applications with engagement driving add-ons may be the answer.
Ecommerce Website Development

What are the crucial aspects when planning and designing an eCommerce store?

Making money online isn’t a well-kept secret anymore, but has slowly but steadily risen the charts of popularity over search engines as a hot topic of interest for many. Many people today are looking to tap the online community to generate moolah and eCommerce is perhaps the quickest means to achieve this. With the coming of bulk seller aggregators such as Amazon and Alibaba and the popularity of drop shipping as a concept, new online stores are springing up on eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify daily. But in order for you to have a lucratively earning web avenue, there are certain best practices to work with.

Here let’s delve into two of the best strategies for eCommerce portal planning and design:

Propagate Trust Through Your Portal’s UI

There are many novice e-commerce enthusiasts who jump on to select the most flashy templates and get started with their store, the only problem being that the sales do not come. This is simply because online shopping in Malaysia just like any other part of the world works on one single concept – trust. It is crucial that your eCommerce web portal propagates trust and ethical values to your prospective customer base. This can be achieved through incorporating trust certifications and secure payment gateway notifications.


Invest in Data security and customer protection

Many people deem shopping portals as a collector of personal data and spammer promoting. This doesn’t have to be the light in which your viewers see your e-commerce portal. Make sure your newsletters and privacy policy clearly highlight that you collect personal data for intimation purposes, and do not indulge in further selling it. Also, providing exhaustive details about the listed products encourages customer trust and following.

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