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How to Find the Best Magento Support Company?

magento2 - baruIn today’s dynamic and advanced times, Magento can be counted among the most basic technological needs for any business. Your trade simply can’t prosper without an eCommerce website. Hence, the need for a Magento web development company is huge. But, not just any company can be chosen. You need to hire one which is just right. Openwave, a professional Magento developer can be a really good fit for all your needs.

Here are a Few Tips that will help you in the Making the Decision:

  • Getting the Message Across
    Every business goes through transitions from time to time, which you will want to have reflected on your website as well. So, your company should be a pro at communicating, understanding and stating the important points.
  • Ample of Experience
    You don’t want to hire a novice for the job. You need someone who has first-hand experience of Magento and who has delivered a certain number of eCommerce-based projects with success. Magento development is not exactly a child’s play. You need professionals who know the tricks of the system.
  • Vigilance is a Must
    Your hired Magento developer must be vigilant and always on a lookout for alerts. If the system goes down, you will want the company to be aware of it and nip the problem at the bud itself.
  • Adaptable with all the Versions
    Your developer must be comfortable with working on all the versions of Magento and not just the current one. It is empirical to be completely aware of the system, right from its humble beginnings. The developer must understand the differences between the two and use them to your website’s advantage.
  • You need a Team, not just an Individual
    Your developer can’t be the single individual, but a group of them. This way, they can handle issues in a better manner, by pooling ideas and plans to counter problems.

If your developer matches all the above, then you are in good hands. Can’t find one? Well, now you have! Choose Openwave and entrust Magento Development to the best in the industry.

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3 common mobile app development mistakes you must beware of in 2018

Android app development is surely a skill that has caught on like a rage with mobile app developers across the world, and the number of new mobile applications that appear on the Play Store on a daily basis is a true testament to the same. However, if you are an Android developer yourself, it is of value to know what common errors feature in such projects, in order to avoid them effectively.

Below are some of the major errors in Android mobile application development that you should avoid in 2018:

Leaving out the use of intents

A very crucial element of Android application development is intents, which are a way that various modules in the entire application interact with each other through providing a ready transit for free movement of data. When you have an application where you need to pass on messages between modules, not making use of intents can lead to you writing endless lines of humongous code to achieve the same.


Common mobile application development errors to avoid in 2018


Leaving out fragments

A multi-pane user interface is what every Android app designer aims for and the same can be achieved by making use of fragments intelligently to help activities to be developed inside the applications. Leaving out the use of fragments will only mean that the runtime of your code goes considerably up, hence spoiling the overall responsiveness of your mobile application.

Main thread blocking

Ever saw your mobile app not respond and a message asking if you want to close your mobile application appear. This is most probably a case of the Android application developer having blocked the main thread at the time of the development of the application. This has serious ill effects on the responsiveness of your mobile application, and you must avoid this in any circumstance.

Worried that your mobile app development isn’t going by the best practices of the book? Then let Openwave, a renowned Android app development company in Malaysia come in and bring in the best-known practices for developing exciting Android mobile applications.

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The Perils in the Path of Enterprise Mobile App Development!

Enterprise app - bigstock--216596716Enterprise mobility is a stupendous strategy which helps businesses operate in a leaner and capital optimized way. With the mobile workforce in the US set to cross 100 million by 2020, there isn’t any doubt that enterprise mobile applications are set to grow multifold. However, there are certain roadblocks in the path of a smooth implementation of mobile applications at an enterprise level, which threaten the growth of the concept.

Let’s take a look at some of the challenges you’ll encounter during mobile apps development for your enterprise:

  • Data Encryption

    As mobile devices are used more and more by professionals working remotely, there is a certain risk of data privacy jeopardy. This is where the use of secure data containers to encrypt all business sensitive data comes to be of prime importance.

  • Server-side Validation

    Server-side validation is a remedy for issues such as multi-point validation procedures and business logic implementation, which most enterprise applications installed on devices suffer from. With a server-side validation and business logic implementation approach, there isn’t just going to be a saving of valuable computing time, but also a more simplified way of propagating changes.

  • Lost in Translation

    Legacy applications have been prone to a lot of jargon content, which makes the user interface tough to comprehend and absorb quickly. This is where developing an intuitive user interface with the use of icons for various activities and functionalities can bring in a lot of advantages for enterprise mobile application programming.

  • Content Management and Data Access

    Owing to the same application being used by various enterprise level employees, ensuring that the data is up to date and is accessible only to the intended recipients is of crucial importance in any enterprise. This is where enabling advanced content management capabilities becomes very important.

It is crucial to cater to each of the above-mentioned areas when approaching custom mobile apps development for enterprises. Making the choice of the right Enterprise Mobile App Development Company in Malaysia to assist you in this process can prove to a great savior of unnecessary effort and associated costs.

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Signs your website is due for a complete redesign

Website redesign may seem a hassle and can take some time and money, but it can be a real game-changer for your business. If you are not sure if it is the right time to update your site, here are four warning signs that it clearly needs a revamp:

#1 Your website is not user-friendly
If your site has become slow and is taking a lot of time to load, you must set it right immediately. Your prospects have likely seen several websites and are used to sleek designs, fast load speed, and intuitive navigations. If your site is making it a complex experience for the user, they will simply hop to another site. Almost 90% of the customers are less likely to re-visit a site after a bad experience.

#2 Your website is dated
If it has been four to five years since you have updated your site, it is likely lagging behind in current design trends. While it is easy to put the design on the backburner when the site seems to work fine, it is a fact that visual appeal of a business affects its bottom-line. Fresh looking websites complete with page motion animations, illustrations to responsive logos and dynamic gradients draw customers and is one of the key factors that influence a customer’s buying decision.


Website design Malaysia


#3 Your website is not responsive
Does your site work equally well across all screen sizes? Most users today are using the internet from their tablets and mobile phones. Having a website design that is mobile and tablet-friendly is crucial to capture your audience. For people looking for expert web design Malaysia is home to some of the best companies that can help create a responsive interface.

#4 Your website is not listed on Google
For any business to succeed, it is crucial that clients are able to find them online. If your site is not set up for SEO or uses outdated strategies such as hidden text, flash graphics etc, Google will not be able to index it. It is important to integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into a site to ensure its survival in the World Wide Web.

Having a modern, intuitive website is important for online business success. If you are looking to hire website designers in Malaysia, Openwave – a leading website development company – actively assists clients to build their web presence.

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4 tips to generate more B2B leads out of your marketing campaign

When you are into business, finding leads becomes critical as it is considered one of the healthiest ways to build and maintain a good customer base. This is the main reason today every company has a separate team that plans out marketing strategies for effective B2B lead generation campaigns.

Let’s discuss some of the best marketing tips that can help in generating more B2B leads:
Know your Target Audience

It is very important to collect as much information as possible about your audiences like their location, their lifestyle, their job, and their responsibilities. All this information helps in creating effective campaigns that will enhance your marketing strategies. If you want the audience to show interest in your services or products, it is very necessary for your marketing professionals to know more about the customers and prepare a campaign according to that.

Networking is a process that never ends and is always fruitful. Whether your business is local or international, ensuring your presence on networking sites or social media will definitely help you get the best B2B business. Today, networking sites are considered as one of the best sources for effective B2B lead generation. You can always hire experts in Malaysia to create interesting social media campaigns for your business and build your network.


3D Businessman With B2B Signpost Illustration
B2B E-commerce website


Special Offers to Grab Customer’s Attention
When you are in the process of increasing the customer base for your business, you need to have something in your kitty that can grab the attention of the customer towards your services or products. The apt way to do this is by offering special discounts. This is one of the best methods of B2B lead generation.

Trade Shows
You should try not to miss trade shows that are related to your products or services. Most of the people coming for the trade shows will have interest in relevant services or products so it will definitely help you in increasing your customer base.

Openwave is a specialist in developing campaigns that will ensure high-quality B2B lead generation. Contact us to hire developers in Malaysia and marketing experts.


Top 4 Must-have Features to include on your Hotel Booking App!

Hotel Booking1 - bigstock-195783706Travelers these days are self-reliant and plan their own itineraries. From booking hotels to mapping routes, modern-day travelers prefer charting their own journeys and experiences – but they’re not alone! Aiding them is technology that fits right into their pockets, allowing them to streamline the travel experience. Amidst the growing popularity of smartphones when it comes to holiday planning, we could witness the increased adoption of hotel booking apps, especially amongst the millennial. So, if you’re running a travel business, you can target this potential market segment comprised of independent, travel-loving souls with wanderlust, by hiring a mobile app development company and devising your own hotel booking app.

Before you Launch an App, make sure you incorporate these 4 must-have features into it:

#1 Hotel Reservation

No traveler wants to travel miles and then be denied entry into a hotel they thought they’d booked. Enabling seamless hotel reservations through the app can help them plan journeys better and skip out on waiting time involved in lengthy, cumbersome and manual reservation processes.

#2 Make Transport Options Available

If someone’s traveling halfway across the globe, it’s obvious that it’s not just for a stay at a hotel! Supplement their sightseeing endeavors by providing transportations options that include the cab, train or flight booking. This adds cohesiveness to your app, ensuring that the user doesn’t have to hop from app to app to make various bookings.

#3 Account Creation Option

While it might be convenient for one-time users to have the option of guest checkouts on bookings, repeat users might be unable to keep a tab on their bookings and reservations made till date. Allow account creation and provide a personalized dashboard for each user to augment the user experience.

#4 Make Payments Effortless

You cannot impose a particular payment method and expect your app users to stick to the same. Add multiple options, including debit/credit cards, PayPal, Net banking and of late, Bitcoin! Facilitating multiple payment options with an appropriate payment portal will give users the added liberty of choosing from the most convenient option available.

Want to add all these incredible features and more to your mobile app? Choose Openwave’s team of Mobile App Developers for hotel booking app development!

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The most trending technologies you need to watch out for in 2018

2018 is an interesting year in terms of various technologies which had been lying in the cradle for so many years, and are finally finding manifestation. With the spanning out of the internet and the increase in the computation power of machines, there has been a great deal of push which these technologies have got, and have driven them to be the defining entities of the future.

Here is a list of some of the most trending technologies this year.

Long gone are the days when sales executives would greet you on websites or mobile apps. In the times of artificial intelligence, it’s the chatbots who are replacing these executives and can be seen making conversations with customers.

Progressive web apps
These apps seeming like mobile applications from the look and feel actually conceal a webpage or a web avenue in the heart. The greatest advantage of such a design is the fact that they do not need the internet for their operation.

Website notifications
A cost-effective way to communicate directed information to consenting users, this new way to communicate is also of great value in communicating information between websites.

Trends 2018
Web development Trends 2018

One page websites
A rather queer invention this one, it has a long single page of content where sectioning through internal linking helps viewers navigate between content modules. This saves the need for any server refreshes, once the entire page has been loaded.

In motion interfaces
Users can be shown certain sections of the webpage to be in motion through the use of smart animations and transitions and this adds a whole new level of appeal to the project.

Photo content
Using smart and elucidate graphics and photos to start and carry on conversations is the main idea here, which can be seen in action on a number of social networking avenues today.

Advanced Flash
Flash is still a hit when it comes to swanky graphics enticing the viewers to get attracted to the content of the websites.

Static websites
Hitting the nail on its head, static websites are just flat HTML coded pages which make a straight point without beating around the bush.

Want to implement any of the above ideas to your mobile application or web avenue and not knowing how to go about it? Well, the team of skilled developers at Openwave has a good grasp of things and is available at your service!