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4 Reasons why should opt for WooCommerce to build your online shopping site!

If you are one of those “coming of age” retail businesses who are looking to capitalize on the eCommerce boom, then it is time for you to consider building a website that is not just online shopper-friendly but offers something more. With hundreds of online stores crowding the internet, it is important for businesses to provide a differentiating factor that keeps the shopping experience intuitive and immersive. With this in mind, eCommerce retailers across the globe are increasingly adopting WooCommerce as their platform of choice as it offers several unique benefits over other platforms.

If you aren’t sold on WooCommerce, then following reasons are likely to bring you around:

Customized Website layout: Thanks to the efficient integration of plugins, WooCommerce platform helps you build a storefront that is feature-rich and has an intuitive layout which improves the right shopping experience for customers. The entire user-interface is customizable with hundreds of free themes which are available on the internet. This aids in user retention and provides a website that is cross-platform compatible.

Robust eCommerce features: The platform offers you with high flexibility when it comes to designing individual aspects of the eCommerce experience. From product catalogs and search functionality to payment gateways and checkout processes, each and every of the aspect of the website is highly customizable and can be designed according to your specific needs.


Useful Marketing and SEO tools: The marketing tools that are offered by WooCommerce offer you the best capability to boost your visibility and drive your engagement. Some of its stand-out tools include coupon generators, SEO and product reviews tools. Among these, the product review tools are highly customizable and offer several options such as cart discount, cart product discount, and percentage discount.

Efficient Store Management: The store management features on WooCommerce are highly intuitive and help you control the store with two tabs. These two tabs, WooCommerce tab and the Products tab will let you manage the Payment Gateway, Products Coupon, and Security Option with great ease.

Are you sold on WooCommerce? Then consider the platform for your shopping site! We, Openwave, are domain experts in eCommerce platform development and have a dedicated team of WooCommerce developers! Get in touch with our business team and drop in your requirements!

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Looking to Develop a Travel App? These 5 Features are a Must!

travel appAs internet reaches the remote locations of the planet, an increasing number of exotic destinations are getting “discovered.” Thanks to Facebook-ers and Instagram-ers, a large number of urban dwellers look to travel to remote lands. This surge in travel has also brought with it a demand for travel apps. Today, most travelers rely on their smartphones to get about.

If you are looking to develop a travel and tourism app that caters to travelers, be sure to incorporate the following features:

  • Navigational Aids: This feature is highly essential as maps may not always be useful in under-developed tourism spots. Using user-generated data, apps should be able to offer real-time navigational aids that can ensure that users do not get stranded.
  • Cashless Travel: Carrying cash around in tourist destinations can be quite a hassle. It also adds on to the risk of theft. App developers must look to integrate a mobile wallet that helps with instant payments. These apps must be compatible with other payment mediums for seamless transactions.
  • Location-Friendly: The need for an effective smartphone application that has “all-in-one” functionality is felt the most when users in a location where they are not conversant in the local language. These apps must incorporate important functionality such as cab booking, ticketing booking, and information about eateries.
  • Social Travel Planning: Application developers should be able to group together users who are traveling to the same destination. This can improve the experience. Features that allow users to get location recommendations from friends and acquaintances can be an add on.
  • Hacks and Recommendations: Today, several travelers prefer to travel solo. They prefer to hitchhike as opposed to traveling on their own personal mode of transportation. Offer location-specific hacks and car-pool rides through mobile apps and make their travel experience sweeter.

Travel Apps are an emerging market segment with a huge scope for growth. Place your bets on this market by developing a suitable app with Openwave, a leading Mobile Application Developer in Malaysia. Enlist our services for developing mobile applications that stand out from the market clutter.

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Embrace these 4 SEO tips to make great eCommerce returns!

In the age of Google, getting a great page rank is everything! Paying attention to the ranking your online eCommerce store holds on search engines is highly crucial if you intend to make great returns. And the only way to ensure a good indexing is to optimize your website for search engine results. This process, known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is quite crucial if you intend to drive significant traffic to your website and improve its ranking in the search results.

The following SEO guidelines are time-tested and can bring good results to your website:

1. Unique Title Tags: Product pages must have unique title tags. Keywords must not be repeated or duplicated. This can be particularly daunting while creating title tags for eCommerce stores, especially the ones that sell different products of the same brands. However, this can be overcome by using key phrases instead of keywords, which helps maintain uniqueness

2. 301 redirect pages: Redirecting expired product pages to relevant ones are a great way of reducing bounce rates. Customers are highly unforgiving of “404 page not found” screens and redirecting them to a page where the old data has been moved or where a relevant product category has been created can greatly improve the page ranking and make it easy for search engines to understand the same.

SEO and website design - word abstract in vintage letterpress wo
SEO E-commerce Website

3. Optimizing Category Pages: Category pages hold more significance than individual product pages as customers who enter a category page have more options than those that enter a product page. This should be paid attention to as both the product page and category page should not compete for the same keywords. The category pages must be optimized for the relevant keywords and the product pages must be linked to the category pages.

4. Mobile-friendly: Since November 2016 Google has adopted a “mobile-first” indexing policy that evaluates the mobile optimization to determine its ranking. This is in line with the changing consumer behavior which is mobile-driven and not desktop-driven. eCommerce developers should pay attention to this new mechanism and make their websites mobile-friendly.

Businesses around the globe prefer to outsource their SEO to domain experts to get a good value for their investment. If you intend to hire SEO experts, get in touch with Openwave. Our expertise in this domain is globally known and we can fetch you the RoI you want!

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How can you Improve the User Acquisition of your Mobile?


When it comes to making an app successful, it is not always about the development. Several important factors play a role in ensuring that it has a successful run in the market. The number of users who have downloaded the application and the efforts that have been invested in acquiring these users is an important yardstick that can be used to measure its success. This is known as User acquisition and it is a factor that is used to measure the efficiency of marketing.

So, how can businesses improve the user acquisition of their mobile apps? Here’s how it can be achieved:

#1. Identify Target Audience: While apps are usually developed with a particular target audience in mind, more often than not, they also attract a completely different group of users who may not have been considered in the first place. Businesses should understand the app usage patterns and demographics of users and decide on whether to nurture them or curb access to such users.

#2. Life Expectancy of App: All apps have a certain LTV (lifetime value). This refers to the time until which the application will enjoy patronage in the market. Beyond this, the application usually fails to grasp user interest. Developers should identify the life expectancy and ensure that they have a new plan to revive interest in the application or to pivot to a newer market.

#3. Trendy Appeal: Build an app that incorporates the latest color schemes and themes. Users always like to associate themselves with products that are trendy and fashionable. The name of the application should also be paid attention to. Keep it catchy and unique to help promote strong brand recall.

#4. Rigorous Testing: Users always are averse to apps that show up bugs. Bugs and freezes can break customer trust and efforts should be taken to avoid these flaws. Rigorous testing must be carried out on apps and made sure that they do not falter even after continuous usage. Stringent measures must be taken to ensure that memory usage is kept to a minimum.

#5. App Store Optimization: App store optimization is important to bring the application in front of the right audience. If ASO is not carried out effectively, developers run a risk of placing their apps in an irrelevant category. This can hurt the chances of getting visibility. Also, the description given should have all the vital information related to the app and convince the user to download the app.

If you are looking for technical assistance in revamping your app, then get in touch with Openwave, a leading Mobile Application Developer in Malaysia. Our team of developers is highly experienced in custom mobile apps development and can deliver a solution tailor-made to your requirements.

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7 Effective Ways to Drive App Installs!

Apps development concept. Business and internet technology

When it comes to making an app successful, only a part of it comes from developing the app effectively and loading it with features. The rest of it comes from promoting the app and ensuring that is visible to its core target audience who get to discover and then adopt it. This is made possible only by investing in an application that does an equally good job at both bringing in users and making them stay.

Here’s how developers can promote an app effectively and increase its sales:

#1: App Store Optimization: Listing the product in the right way on the app store is crucial if the application should gather enough traction. Developers should ensure that the content they provide is relevant for users.

#2: Precision Targeting: Ad campaigns can never be successful if they are not targeted at the right audience. Marketers should thoroughly analyze their audience before running a campaign and segregate the target audience to get the best conversion rates.

#3: Creative Advertising: Advertising needs to always be straightforward and powerful. Keeping track of the latest trends and incorporating them into the themes and campaigns are a great way of attracting the attention of customers.

#4: Social Media: Social Media has a crucial role to play in the success of apps. By capturing user preferences through social media, the right audience can be identified and paid ad campaigns can be run. Also, social media can energize word-of-mouth marketing and this should be made full use of.

#5: Remarket: Remarketing is important if you want to gain the maximum out of an existing customer. By investing in a pay-per-click campaign that pops-up across all the devices consumers use, you can bring in better conversions.

#6: Localize: Offering apps in multiple languages is a very crucial business move. Only about 1 billion English speakers exist on the planet. Targeting the rest of the 6 billion requires offering services in other languages. App development companies should pay great attention to this and equip themselves.

#7: Analyze User Engagement: It is important to understand how your users perceive your services. All uninstalls need to be analyzed and the core reason behind the exodus needs to be identified. This is important for evaluation and course-correction.

Looking to implement the tips mentioned above? Partner with experienced app development companies who can help you realize your goal. Openwave is a Reputed Mobile App Developer in Malaysia that can help you drive app installs and sales.

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6 Useful Joomla extensions that your website needs

Joomla is the de facto website development platform that is used by thousands of developers across the globe. A major reason for its popularity is the fact that is highly customizable and is open source, which makes it easy to integrate several extensions into the website without any hassle. But out of the scores of available extensions, which should you incorporate into your site?

Here are some of the most useful extensions that if integrated into your website can transform the usage comfort of your website:

JoomSEF: JoomSEF is a highly effective Joomla extension. It is an SEO tool that rewrites Joomla URLs so that they are search-engine friendly and are understandable by humans. It also aids by auto-generating meta tags.

Akeeba Backup: Akeeba backup is a highly popular extension for site backup. It can create a site backup which is transferable to all Joomla-compatible servers. As the entire backup and restoration process is AJAX powered, it is a highly reliable and is a robust solution for backing up websites.

ECC+ (EasyCalcCheck Plus): It offers the best protection against spambots. It executes this by integrating anti-spam services. It adds an arithmetic problem, a question, a hidden field, and a time lock and keeps the platform spam-free.

AdminExile: AdminExile offers great security for Joomla developers. It prevents any unauthorized access to the site administrator page and keeps them from harming the contents. It also detects any brute force entries and blocks them.

joomla (3)
Joomla Website development

JCH Optimize: JCH Optimize speeds up the sites of Joomla websites by combining JavaScript and CSS files into one. This minimizes HTTP requests and reduces the download time for a website. It also increases the PageRank and improves the user experience.

CoalaWeb traffic: It helps websites track the entire user traffic and learn more about the visitors. This is executed by monitoring the IP address of the user and blocking features are also present to cut off access for flagged users.

Incorporate these extensions into your website with dedicated support from experts. Partner with Openwave, a reputed IT solutions provider in Malaysia and hire Joomla developers.

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Top 5 Benefits of Developing an App for your Restaurant!

Hand Hold Tablet With Online Restaurant Word On Screen With Blur

In this age, hyper speed lifestyles are becoming commonplace. Businesses and individuals alike are in a hurry to get to each other and get away from each other. This applies to the restaurant industry too. Professionals today do not seem to have the luxury of spending their time at eateries and cafes. Their lifestyle demands them to dine on-the-go or get it door delivered to their residences. To cater to such consumers, the best mode restaurants can opt for is a dedicated restaurant app that offers a variety of options for using their services.

Here’s why restaurants apps are a great investment:

1) Emerging Sector: The restaurant industry is an ever growing industry with a lot of scope for growth thanks to the emerging middle class. The growth in the number of professionals who regularly opt to bring in their food from outside is another major growth market.

2) Huge Target Audience: The audiences that can be targeted with apps are quite large. This is due to changing lifestyles. The younger generation prefers to get door-deliveries as opposed to hanging out at cafes and eateries. College goers and hostellers also form a part of this chunk of audience.

3) Customer Loyalty: By getting their app installed by customers, the restaurant stands to benefit immensely as every time the hunger pangs hit the customers, they are likely to look at the application to order for food. This could lead to increase in conversions.

4) Streamlines the Ordering Process: Restaurant apps help drive more door-delivery sales. This is more useful for the restaurant as it reduces the cost spent on waiting on the customer and other associated costs. Also, it helps scale up sales without any other modifications such as infrastructure or manpower.

5) Increases Visibility: The best way to market the restaurant is through mobile commerce app. By sending offers and coupons through push notifications, repeat customers can be encouraged. Also, loyalty points can be offered which helps ensure that the customer does not switch services.

If you are a local eatery or food joint who is now looking to invest in a dedicated restaurant app, get in touch with Openwave to expand the reach of your business. We are a leading Mobile Application Developer in Malaysia and have the experience of dealing with several leading hotel chains in the region.