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Changes Android P offers in comparison to the previous versions

The beta version is out and the main Android P likely to roll out in August, Google is looking to bring some serious changes to mobiles! With each version, the UI keeps getting better and user experience as a whole is upped to a good extent. Android app development has become a huge market today owing to the need to survive the competition and Google never plays it safe when it comes to impressing. Now with Oreo having laid a good foundation, P looks to build up big for both Android users and Android app developers!

Here are some of the amazing changes Android P brings to mobiles:

1) Notification panel: A couple of versions back we weren’t able to reply to WhatsApp message from the home screen through the notification bar. However, with recent versions, Android P makes it very convenient to view and reply to messages in the notification panel. Along with this, the UI for it has also been changed – it is now more minimal and sleek looking.

2) Settings menu: What seemed like something that would never happen has been brought to reality. Android P has a colorized settings menu, and it has been made more efficient than before in terms of spacing and icons.

3) Notch support: What seems like a viral trend in 2018 – notches are now supported on the Android P. The beauty of this being, Android P allows you to visualize how the notches will behave and lets you choose the best looking one.


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4) Screenshot editing: Screenshot editing was a feature Android never had! With P however, you can edit screenshots as soon as they are taken – making the process more efficient than before.

5) Lockdown: The quirkiest one so far, lockdown completely shuts down access! Even if someone tries to keep your fingerprint on the scanner, it won’t allow entry (the scanner gets locked!)

This being said, Android P looks promising and has already claimed the highest spot. With several other features enhancing camera and battery in the making, Android P is undoubtedly an amazing platform for phones today. If you want to hire Android developers in Malaysia, call Openwave today!


How can Joomla CMS benefit your Online Presence?

joomla 5Joomla CMS is a content management system which is highly used after WordPress. It is considered to be one of the most popular CMS with more than 50 million downloads in the year 2015. The various benefits of using Joomla CMS is that it consists of printable versions of pages, page caching, RSS feeds, Google ReCAPTCHA, blogs, collapsible sidebars as well as language internationalization support. But the benefits of using Joomla website don’t end here. The top five benefits of using Joomla CMS are given as below:-

  • The Degree of Flexibility – Joomla has more than 8000 extensions which are segregated in 33 different categories namely social, languages, editing, marketing and so on. These extensions are labeled clearly and are given the rating out of 5 indicating the degree of usability it has for the users.
  • Easy Publishing of Blogs – All you need to know about uploading blogs in Joomla is to copy and paste your content and then simply click on publish. Joomla development company has made the publishing of blogs that simple and easy and unlike HTML, Java, PHP etc. one doesn’t require any technical knowledge to this bit.
  • Open-Source- For the creation of Joomla, Joomla developers used PHP which is an open-source platform used by many big firms across the globe and that is why adding a new extension on Joomla is easier for the developers and provides overall assistance in supporting CMS activities.
  • A Strong Community of Users- The only reason why Joomla trends are going up is that of its strong community base which has more than 200,000 users across the globe. So, loopholes, updates, bugs etc. get detected very quickly and are uploaded to the forums. Since some of its users consist of Joomla Developers in Malaysia and across the globe, they make sure that the Joomla updates of security are received as quickly as possible.
  • Easy Management of E-commerce- Joomla helps in easy management of e-businesses through the management of products and related content without switching the tabs. And this makes it very simple to use.

Hence, Joomla can be a very beneficial addition to your existing online presence. If finding the right developer is the issue, Openwave Developers can be a really good choice.

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How Facebook’s React Native is changing the app game?

With mobile apps in millions, the markets, as well as the app developers, are looking for an efficient development with speedy deployment. This is where Native Apps come in. By developing native apps, you ensure a faster, more efficient functioning. The app market has become a competitive field, where the fastest and the sleekest application wins!

Here’s how the Reactive Native framework has impacted the smartphone industry:

1) Excellency is delivered, iOS and Android alike: Even though in the earlier stages, HTML5 caused discrepancies, developers managed to merge iOS with Java threads to create the perfect blend. With this, Android support followed soon and now Reactive Native caters to both the operating systems alike.

2) Reactive Native UI integration: One of the most loved features, Native UI allows itself to be integrated into the working code of an active application. This allows for developers to cut down on unnecessary upgrade costs and at the same time enhance the functionality of the app to be on par with the era’s best apps.


Smartphone with cloud of application icons
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3) The expanse is imminent: Reactive Native is based on JavaScript. With JS being a core component, developers no longer have to redo an entire application to modify/upgrade it, they can easily expand on its features. Along with which, developers need no longer study iOS and Android app development specifically, with Native UI, JS takes care of everything.

4) Stellar experience and smooth working: This is definitely the best feature of Native app development! Its UI allows you to integrate third-party plug-ins to an application without adding to the load and consuming memory. You can have a heavy application running with no extra memory being taken. This is how a hybrid application overwhelms a normal one in performance.

With this said, it is clear that Reactive Native is the future of mobile applications. Every business wants to hire native app developers to have the best of features on their app and to give their business a much-needed boost. At Openwave, we specialize in native app development and have a dedicated team who work with Reactive Native modules. If you are looking to hire mobile app developers in Malaysia, we assure you we are the best at providing stellar mobile app development services.

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What should all a PHP Framework include for Small Businesses?

PHP - bigstock-Business-Technology-Internet-162370376.jpgA solution of developer problems is provided through a PHP framework. But for small business owners in order to hire dedicated PHP developers could be a very hard task. On the contrary, if a company wants a skilled and trained individual then they can hire Openwave, a PHP developer from Malaysia to do the job well inside the budget. Moreover, various PHP web development companies for many years are kept on developing complex websites and application, ignoring the essentials.

PHP website development consists of various high-rated frameworks of PHP and few of them are being listed below:-

  1. Laravel Framework – PHP developers considers Laravel as one of the most popular and famous PHP frameworks as it is being used and is preferred by more than 50% of PHP users. This is because it provides a strong foundation for the PHP development website and web application.
  2. Symphony Framework – Another framework which is considered best for development of web application is symphony framework. In order to style a large scale website, symphony framework is used and preferred by the developers. It includes numerous libraries which consist of square measure reusable as well as measurable by means of providing permit, authentication etc.
  3. Cake PHP Framework – Experts state that the Cake PHP Framework is one of the most effective frameworks and is based on the CRUD framework which is to create, read, update and delete; and includes other options such as request handling, e-mail, cookie, and security. It is important to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers for developing the best website design as well as to provide the best services to the framework.

A Checklist for PHP Framework in 2018 is as follows:-

  • Easy to understand and learn
  • Contains easy codes
  • Protected through password
  • Performance-oriented
  • Highly preferred by all
  • Contains various useful features
  • Opted by a majority of programmers

This checklist will help small businesses decide as to which framework they should choose from (apart from the ones listed above) in order to develop a structured design for their web application. For top-notch PHP site development, with a fluid interface and workflow, contact Openwave – the PHP experts.

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Travel app development: The best way to connect with your users as they travel

As times are evolving, even the countries that were once considered hostile have opened up their avenues to international travel and tourism. Moreover, consumers have shown a recent trend towards spending a major part of their income on travelling around the world. This is especially true of today’s world where there is too much stress build-up. In any case, people are now undertaking domestic and international travels more frequently. This has led to the intertwining of the tourism industry with a lot of others like the hospitality sector.

Why develop travel applications?

GDS or global distributing system has played a key role in revamping the travel industry. Now people can make bookings for everything with a click of their fingers, with convenient, user-friendly mobile apps that hold a universe within them.

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Mobile App development Malaysia

Here’s why travel apps are desirable and popular:

Language translation – While planning to go somewhere new, this is something that almost instantly pops out. But with travel apps, you don’t need to learn any language beforehand.

Weather forecasting – This helps a lot in deciding the type of luggage you’ll need.

Finding relevant destinations – Even if you’ve not planned anything, a travel app can help you zoom out on a single destination (hotels, restaurants, attractions, shopping, local markets) according to your tastes.

• Last minute booking – You can book tickets for anything (flights, hotels, etc.) as and when you’re travelling, no matter what time it is.

Easy payment options – Carrying and safeguarding physical currency is one hell of a task. But with a travel app that acts as a digital wallet, that problem will be solved. Moreover one won’t need to go to the exchange offices frequently.

Location tracking and emergency services – What’s better than knowing that help is just one click away?! Now you can explore places easily.


Travel applications are becoming very popular very fast, especially because of the amount of convenience and security that it offers. Moreover, travel apps eliminate the hassle of having to go a thousand different places for getting things done. Are you interested in travel app development? Do let us know more about your awesome project! Reach out to Openwave, the largest app development company in Malaysia!

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7 features your sports betting app must have

Online betting on sports has been around since the late 90s. But, once this business switched on to mobile apps, the leaps it has taken forward have been giant. The world of sports mobile app development flourished, as people who were previously hesitant or afraid of engaging in this risky business of betting, were now feeling amply confident. This app lets betters participate in this sport with just a swipe of their finger. The market of online betting is expanding gloriously.

Here are a few features that any sports app must be equipped with:

1. Great user experience
Betters are, at heart, sports fans. So, they must be given a top-notch experience, where they can watch matches live in HD quality.

2. The login feature
Any on-demand app has a secure login feature where the user can access his account with the help of a password. A sports app should have this feature as well.

3. Variety of players and games to choose from
The perfect sports app would feature a lot of sports, be it domestic or international. It would also have a lot of sportspersons in its menu, on whom users can bet on.


sports app
Ensuring sports betting app success


4. Watching sports live
The users should be able to enjoy their favorite games online so that the betting experience can be top notch.

5. A detailed user manual
Betting can be a complex process. Your sports app should have a detailed guide telling the users as to how they can bet on their favorite game or sportsmen.

6. Notifications about scheduled matches
Betters are human too. They would appreciate notifications regarding an upcoming match or a calendar that will help them in not missing a game.

7. Different types of betting options
There is a lot of variety in the world of betting. There’s head to head, Yankee, handicap etc. The user should have a number of options to choose from.

If you are looking to have your very own sports betting app and are looking for efficient developers, Openwave, a sports mobile app development company in Malaysia can be a very wise choice. They have been dominating this market for decades.


5 Features that make WordPress the Most Preferred CMS!

rsz_bigstock--150170573.jpgWordPress is one of the world’s most utilized CMSs and is known to have powered websites of more than 60 million users worldwide, which is a considerably large chunk of the internet. This number is only increasing with every passing day. With the features and functionalities that WordPress hosts for its users, there is no doubt in why it is the most popular web content management system.

Here’s a look into the 5 best features of this great CMS:

1.) Easy to Use

WordPress has been built in such a manner that, with a little bit of information and training, anyone can master the CMS to create amazing websites. Even beginners can set up and operate a WordPress CMS website easily.

2.) Highly SEO friendly

WordPress is one of the many open-source platforms which help develop highly SEO friendly websites. But what makes it stand out is that users needn’t do much when it comes to leveraging SEO for improving visibility – WordPress has a host of tools and plugins that will do the task automatically, even for amateur web developers.

3.) Easy to Access

WordPress websites are easier to access across all platforms. Moreover, users needn’t worry about spending time on optimizing their website for mobile screens. It uses HTML and CSS along with PHP which makes the web pages automatically optimized for mobiles.

4.) Support for Multiple Languages

You no longer need to try to express yourself online in a language you are not comfortable with. WordPress comes with built-in support for 60 languages and more waiting in the line. Now you can reach out to your audience in your language!

5.) Lots of Plugins and Themes

This could single-handedly account for the success and popularity of this platform. There is a plugin for anything and everything you need. Moreover, websites can be customized with a theme selected from a wide range of creative and appealing themes – free or paid.

Apart from this, there are multiple other features like robust security, inbuilt blogging system, cost-efficiency, multi-user accessibility and a lot more on offer. If you’re wondering how you can get started with WordPress, seek expert guidance from the best WordPress development company in Malaysia – Openwave. Call us anytime at the given numbers!