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How To Start Designing With Joomla

joomla website development

Now most of us have not seen the world of web development before the advent of content management systems. It was by no means an easy task. Customized web programming was yet to arrive and PSD web design was all that there was. Now, we have the aid of advanced web development tools and content management systems that are customized to include add -ons, plugins, third party tools and other features according to our requirements.

In this article we look at what your first baby steps should be when you’re creating your Joomla site. One of the advantages of designing with Joomla is that you need absolutely no knowledge of HTML or CSS or any other language. You can simply click or drag and drop the additional plugins that you need. Now, without much ado we’ll jump right in:

Step 1: To design with Joomla you first need to have an idea of your site traffic ( For the website which you are going to joomla website trafficcreate in near future ). For this you need to understand the different pages that will feature on your website and the various content like images, audio, streaming video etc that each of them would carry.

Step 2: After you have zeroed in on what content you’re going to place in your website and in what manner, you need to move to ‘categories’. These are just like folders in a MS Windows OS, where many types of content are organized and posted on the website.

Step 3: Once you’ve created the categories that you want, it’s time to start writing the articles and place them under their respective categories. The content of your article will to a large extent decide what gets displayed on your website. So, take your time on this one.

Menu-BarStep 4: Now, it’s time to join the different pieces of the puzzle. You need to make all of what you’ve done appear together as a website. This includes creating menus and themes. Thought there are many menus, the single article menu is the one that’s most prominently used.

Step 5: Finally, you need to place the menu in its location after you’ve created it. ‘Modules’ are there for precisely this purpose. But you need to make your choices wisely here too as there are many modules made available by Joomla. look at each of them and see which one’s different and will appeal to your target customer!

The above 5 are the basic steps that one has to follow when creating a Joomla website. But these are just for websites with basic functionalites. If you’re thinking of an advanced website, you need to hire the services of a professional web developer.

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