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Emerging Security Threates To WordPress And Its Implications

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There is no doubt right now that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), that powers almost a quarter of the entire web. With popularity of course, comes danger and it is no surprise that WordPress is increasingly coming under the constant scrutiny of hackers and criminals eager to exploit its growing popularity.

This article looks at the present attacks that have engulfed WordPress, how it hopes to improve itself and why you should choose the best service provider to build your secure WordPress website.

SaaS (Security-as-a-Service) providers have recently reported that a number of WordPress-based websites have been compromised with users trying to login to them being served malicious code as part of the login page. Once captured, that data is then sent, in an encrypted format, to the hacker.

Keeping your WordPress website up to date is very often just a matter of allowing the CMS to auto update to the latest version, WordPress 4.2.2. WordPress 4.2.2 also solves a flaw that affected the Genericons WordPress package, a vulnerability that uses DOM-based cross-site scripting.

Now what is rather interesting to note in this case is that a potentially harmless flaw has become quite a high profile one that affects the security of millions of WordPress users and also multisite WordPress networks in particular badly. Even worse is the fact that it potentially affects millions of websites worldwide.

WordPress 4.2.2 solves that weakness as well as another DOM-based vulnerability and more than a dozen other less important bugs.

But the current problem obviously points to the importance of security in your WordPress development apparatus. With multisite threads becoming a key feature in the overall architecture of administering a WordPress site, it has become imperative for developers and business owners alike to take a holistic view of the security paradigm in coordination with all stakeholders in a way that key factors get channelized towards securing the network.

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