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How you can improve the security of your Joomla site

The popularity and usage of Joomla is growing by the day. Spammers and hackers too, are working overtime to ensure they get the better of you. It is therefore, very important that you not only keep your website secure, but also prevent unauthorized access, theft or malicious activity on your website. In this article, we look at what you should be doing to keep your website safe and secure.

1. Keep your Joomla website up-to-date

This is important as the latest Joomla version addresses all security issues known to the Joomla community. Therefore, i the joomla securityprobability of your site being hacked increases manifold if you haven’t updated your Joomla site. You might think it’s hard to keep the site in its latest version, especially if there are lot of extensions. But remember, this is a must if your website is to remain secure. There are both manual and automatic methods to keep the site updated.

2. Change your administrator username

The default administrator username in Joomla is ‘Admin’. Most people don’t change this username, an invitation to hackers who now have half of your login details. All you need to do to change your username is to login to the administrator panel, and click site -> User Manager. Go to the administrator account within the user manager and click the checkbox next to name. Click the edit button to edit your username.

3. Hide your administrator log in page

Adding administrator to the end of the website address will take you to the website’s backend. Which hacker doesn’t know this? It is a definite security risk and if you want to prevent the hacker from gaining access to your website, then hide your administrator log in page by moving it to another address. This requires solid technical knowledge, which means you need to hire experienced Joomla developers, who will do it neatly and efficiently.

The above are just some of the steps to help keep your Joomla security up to date. But for a complete end to end security solution for your website, you will need to enlist the services of a professional web development/CMS development company that has both the experience as well as the reputation to do what it takes!


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