Top three Business Benefits of Building an Android Application

Today, Smartphones have made deep inroads into our daily lives. From reading the newspaper to shopping and entertainment, mobiles have become a personalized source of information and entertainment. With regular features and upgrades, today’s Smartphones offer more advanced features. If you are planning to capitalize on its overwhelming popularity through mobile apps, Android should top your list.

Here’s why:

Cost-effective and Easy-to-build Application:

Android, being an open source platform, is available at free of cost. Further, being a Javascript-based platform, it is easy to master and execute.

With the support of robust Software Development Kit, developers are finding easy to build apps for gaming, businesses, and entertainment. Further, the SDK helps to minimize the cost of development.

Android Guard With Shield
Android Development

Multiple Network Distribution channels:

While Apple has tight control over its applications, Android is a bit versatile and open. Apart from Google play, Android apps can be distributed through multiple channels to suit any business. This allows entrepreneurs to reach out to a large set of people and increase the market penetration.
Strong Inter-platform Integration:

Android is recognized as the best framework for inter-platform integration. The SDK exhibits the most robust development architecture that works out to a big leverage in achieving an efficient end-user experience, particularly on cross-platforms.

The benefits of Android Application development go far and wide. Every small and large firm needs to keep up with the latest trends to stay on top of the game. Among all the platforms, including Windows, Blackberry, iOS, etc., Android manages to stand out with its myriad of attractive benefits and unique features and is sure to help your business gain a competitive edge.

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