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Microsoft’s .NET Core Technology Will Revolutionize the Way Apps are Made

Microsoft recently released the .NET Core 1.0, Entity Framework Core 1.0, and ASP.NET Core 1.0, much to the excitement of developers worldwide. There had long been a need for a common platform that allowed the sharing and running of APIs across crucial environments: like desktop applications, mobile entertainment apps, and cloud services.

What is the .NET Core exactly?

The .NET Core is a modern runtime version of sorts of the .NET platform. It includes the runtime, compilers, tools, base class libraries, and framework models required to build fully functional apps for a variety of operating systems. Here are some of the major features of .NET core:
It is cross-platform compatible

A .NET Core app does not care about the platform it’s running on, which is a surprising departure from Microsoft’s “Windows First” approach.  You can build your app and expect it to run well on all major Oss, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. You can save a lot of time and money by building a cross-platform app.

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You can share code

The .NET Core platform is open source. You can share code between applications and get help from a friendly community when building an app.
It allows for flexible deployment

You can go for framework-dependent deployment and self-contained deployment with your app. The framework-dependent deployment will make your app less flexible, while self-contained deployment will allow it to run side-by-side with frameworks other than .NET.
Pay for what you use

The .NET Core platform uses NuGet assembly packages to build your app. You can choose to include only those NuGet packages you need, which reduces the size of your app, lets you provide high-end features, and you can also save on time and development costs. Modular apps always run fast and don’t present a big load to the system.

If you’re planning to hire a .NET Core development team, make sure they have experience with the .Net platform first. You can keep costs low by hiring freelance teams, but it can also backfire if you’re not careful about whom you’re hiring. The .NET Core technology is future-proof, and you can build high-end apps on it at a reasonable cost.


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