Bolster Your Website with Visual Design to Cater to Mobile Users

Almost everyone is “on-the-go” these days, and it is has become a major challenge for websites and other content media sources to engage them. Designers are going visual – with the help of graphics, images, and animation – in an attempt to communicate with users. Not only does visual design help engage users better, but it also helps convey more information that words couldn’t in a limited time frame.

The visual design strategy is especially useful for smaller screens. It enables a business to provide a richer experience to smartphone users browsing their site, which automatically translates into a higher growth for the firm. Here are some ways you can modify or bolster your page design to cater to mobile users:

Use a grid layout

Grid layouts make your content look good and fit well together. It establishes a standard for the content on your site, making it easier to navigate – and it also helps you communicate with visitors better, as they should be able to take in your content with a glance.

Make an impact with colors

Color is an imperative aspect of visual design. You can put your visitors in a better mood, make them more cheerful, and help them feel better about your business. You can also get them to interact better with you.

Set of flat design banners for web design and development
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Use easily discernible icons

Your site can’t afford clutter – there simply isn’t enough room on small screens for a lot of content. You can use bold, colorful icons that convey information to your users and fit together on a grid with other icons.

Make it user-friendly

Finally, it is much harder to navigate a site on a smaller screen than it is on a larger screen. Tapping or typing content on the phone is much harder than on a desktop. Your site needs to have large buttons, lazy loading for scrolling, hamburger menus, and other visual cues that make it user-friendly.

Traffic from mobile devices is matching or even surpassing traffic from desktop PCs. Consequently, it’s a necessity that your business is mobile-friendly. To learn more about how web design can improve your site, you can consult with an experienced web development team.


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