Gain Great Business Benefits By Using Responsive Web Design

Traffic to websites from tablets and mobile devices has surpassed traffic from desktop PCs. Websites that are made for desktops have trouble displaying their content on smaller screen devices – it becomes too small, and sometimes they load very sluggishly. To get around this problem, you can use responsive web design that resizes your site to display it correctly on phones and tablets.

Here are the unbeatable business benefits of using responsive web design:

1) High compatibility
Once you make the shift, your pages will be compatible with a range of devices – including computers, phones, tablets, and laptops. Your content will be readily available to a much wider user base – at last count, there were over 2 billion mobile users.

2) Outstanding user experience
It offers a high quality of experience to your users. Your videos, images, and text will get displayed properly, in a clutter-free way that is easy to decipher and which looks very good. It will also make it much easier for users to navigate.

3) Extremely cost-effective
You won’t have to spend a lot of money to make the shift to responsive design. Depending on the CMS you are using, you can find themes that are mobile-friendly or even extensions/plugins that can do that for you. However, it’s always better to do the job right – without impacting site performance- by hiring experts to do it for you.

Flat design concept icons for web and mobile services. Apps icon
Website design in Malaysia

4) Boosts search engine visibility
Google and other search engines love responsive design. Following its recent update, Google will rank sites that support it over those that don’t. If you want to rank highly on search engine listings and get more incoming traffic, you need to use it.

5) Hassle-free management

Instead of having two separates websites – one for mobile and one for desktop users – it’s easier and pocket-friendly to have one. It will make updating content much easier for you – you will only have to do it once!

Responsive design is well worth the initial investment – it will provide you with great returns in the long run. You can hire an experienced web design team to make your site make the shift to it a short span of time, at an affordable price.


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