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All you need to know about creating a Payment Getaway Module in Drupal

Drupal Commerce is an eCommerce module for the Drupal CMS (content management system) platform that is used to accept credit/debit card payments from customers, effectively turning an existing website or blog into an online store. It involves integrating a third party payment getaway like PayPal into the existing site to process customers’ data and transfer the money to your account.

Two types of Payment Getaways

There are two types of payment getaway you can integrate into your Drupal site: off-site and on-site. Off-site payment getaways redirect a customer to a page outside of your website, where they will input their data and complete the transaction before they are redirected to your site. On-site getaways, on the other hand, allow you to integrate an API directly into your site which processes the transaction without the customer having to navigate away to a new location.

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Payment getaway module

To accept credit card and debit card payments on Drupal, we have to create a payment getaway module for it. You can use existing projects like the Commerce PayPal to speed up the process. You can use the Commerce Payment module, which includes an API for creating payment methods, to quickly set up common types of payment services – like credit and debit card payments.

Defining a payment method

You will have to set a payment method for every type of payment service you are enabling on your site. If you want to accept on-site payments, for example, you have to use the PayPal WPP module and the PayPal WPS module for an offsite module for off-site payments. The payment method will depend on the getaway you have chosen and the kind of services they provide.

If this seems to be too difficult for you, you can hire a dedicated drupal developer to integrate the payment getaway(s) quickly at an affordable price.


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