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Choosing Between Magento and WordPress for eCommerce

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce platform, many would-be entrepreneurs end up having to decide between WordPress and Magento. Both are very popular content management systems (CMS) that do the bulk of the work of setting up and running a website, leaving you free to manage your online business. So which is the right one for your unique business?

WordPress is better if your focus is on the content

This was originally a blogging platform but has morphed into a content management system that lets you build all kinds of websites, including eCommerce online stores. However, the core focus of WordPress has always been on the content. If you only have a handful of products to sell and you want to build a repository of engaging content around them, then WordPress is right for you. It will also be easy for you to stay in touch with customers, build better relationships with them, and release regular updates and news about products and promotions.


Magento is better if you want a full-fledged store

Magento was always meant to be for eCommerce stores. With it, you can build gigantic stores without product limits. It features many extensions and tools that help you manage the store and automate processes like invoicing and billing. Finally, you also get access to customer data through built-in analytics tools. If you want to publish content about your products, you can use a blogging extension like Simple Blog for it. The only drawback of Magento is that you need coding knowledge and experience to build up and maintain a store.

Developing on WordPress is easier

You can turn a WordPress site into an eCommerce store with the help of plugins like WooCommerce. It is very easy, and you don’t need any programming knowledge to do it. However, it won’t be as good as a Magento store, when all is said and done.

If you’re still having trouble on deciding on what to go for, we recommend you consult eCommerce developers that have built many stores before and have relevant industry experience. They’ll be able to help you make an informed decision.


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