Ecommerce Website Development

Effective Tips to make your new eCommerce Store Stand Out

While eCommerce is a very profitable industry, it’s a known fact that it’s very hard for new businesses to get a foothold in it. Most niches are oversaturated, and startups face stiff competition from big ( and small companies alike. Your online store must be innovative and must satisfy customers to make a big enough impact on the market.

Here are some proven ways you can get your eCommerce store to stand out from the crowd:

Offer a streamlined checkout process

Lengthy checkout processes is a principal reason why shopping carts are abandoned. If you successfully optimise your checkout process to allow customers to buy from you in a couple of clicks, you’re going to make more sales. The goal is to provide a smooth and trustworthy checkout process that doesn’t cause a customer to doubt their purchase decision.

A lenient returns policy

Most new eCommerce startups have a strict returns policy. Many don’t accept returns altogether. If you have a lenient returns policy and take goods above a certain value, you boost customer confidence and encourage them to make big purchases without fear.

E-commerce website development

Fast loading, attractive website

Web pages that take more than 4 seconds to load can deprive you of many customers. Your site has to load quickly. Also, include high-definition images and videos on your site to make it look good. Better product descriptions and beautiful photos attached to them help customers make purchase decisions.

Cater to mobile users

According to statistics, mobile commerce will be 40% of all eCommerce by 2020. If you don’t provide for mobile users, your store is going to lose a significant chunk of revenue. Make your store responsive and ensure it loads fast and is accessible via a variety of popular smartphones and tablets.

Stores that are easily accessible, fun to browse, and offer great customers support –with chat bots and live chat – will distinguish themselves. If you’re not good with coding or aren’t up to date with the latest eCommerce trends, you can engage the services of an experienced eCommerce development company to help you set up a high-converting online store.


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