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Why Should You Use ASP.NET/MVC for Web Development?

ASP.NET and MVC can be utilized be a skilled developer to benefit any business considerably. You can build outstanding websites and web apps that not only help boost business productivity but also help you engage with customers better. Any software that you create with this combination will grow with your business and won’t require much money to maintain.

What are ASP.NET and MVC?

ASP.NET is a web development platform that has been developed and supported by Microsoft. It lets you build excellent websites and web applications in a short span of time with the help of code libraries and an integrated developer environment (IDE) called Visual Studio.

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller.  These three components help developers create sophisticated applications by breaking down their workings into easy-to-code segments. Here is a brief explanation of how the three elements interact:

Model: The model stores business data, after receiving a command from the controller.

View: The view component will display any data stored in the model.

Controller: The controller is responsible for commanding the model to store data and the view component for displaying it.

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When you use ASP.NET (development platform) combined with the MVC model (blueprint), you can build applications quickly. It also makes it very easy for developers and designers to work together, and for the software to be updated later.

Advantages of using ASP.NET/MVC for web development

What are the major benefits of using the ASP.NET/MVC development combo? Read on:

Complex projects made simple: Custom applications are, by nature, very complex. MVC reduces the complexity of the project significantly.

Allow designers to work with developers: Designers have an easier time working with devs responsible for coding the software.

Extensive customization: Don’t like any aspects of your application? You can customise it until it’s just the way you like it.
High performing Software: Any software built with this methodology runs fast and is easy to update.

If you need web apps built for your organisation quickly and affordably, you can look into outsourcing the project to a team of capable and trustworthy dotnet developers.


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