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5 Must-Know Social Media Facts Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Social media has over 1.8 billion active monthly users, and businesses worldwide are using it as a promotional as well as a revenue generating tool. Many marketers sink in millions of dollars every year to devise the perfect strategy. Social media shouldn’t just be treated as a promotional tool, though – it is much more than that. If leveraged correctly, it can help you gather a bunch of loyal followers that will stick to your for life.

Here are some must-know truisms for business owners:

Social media requires long-term commitment

You have to understand that social media is going to be around for the lifetime of your business. In many cases, profiles survive business bankruptcies. You won’t get results immediately – you will have to keep plugging at it for months and even years to build up a significant following. Your posts need to be a perfect blend of promotional as well as informative/entertaining content.

Your success depends on user engagement

Social media is a communication platform. The success of your posts – and, by extension, your business – will depend on how well you can communicate with your users and engage with them. Post interesting articles, encourage readers to post comments, interact with them, ask for their opinions, and respond to feedback to boost engagement.

Social Media Concept
Social Media Marketing

Your profile will feature on search engines

Google will often display your Facebook and Twitter profile on the first page of search engine results every time someone searches for your company. A good-looking profile will create a positive impression. A bad profile – with negative feedback and comments – can hurt your revenues.

Your content is useless without visuals

Social media is famous (or infamous) for the short length of the content being posted, especially Twitter. Tacking on a beautiful, relevant picture can catch users’ attention and get them to pay more attention to your post. Without visuals – like pictures and GIFs – you won’t be able to hold user attention.

Rookie mistakes can sink you

Try not to post controversial content or start arguments with your customers. Always be polite and helpful. Never oversell your products and services. Rookie mistakes have cost many companies – most recently Uber that backed Trump’s travel ban – a lot of loyal customers.

There are many software tools freely available on the internet – like post schedules and all-in-one management dashboards – that can help you keep your campaigns organised. Ideally, your social media should be run by an experienced team for effective results.


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