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Should Web Developers Learn Web Designing? Find out

Over the past few years, web developers and designers have had to work very closely together to develop high-quality and efficient websites or software because of increasing customer/client demands and competition. Some customers don’t think twice about asking web designers to code – and the day isn’t far off when they’ll ask a developer to design.

As a web developer, should you know designing, beyond a basic familiarity with the concept? Here are some reasons why it’s advantageous if you study it more:

Work with designers better

In many modern web development teams that consist of both web developers and designers, members sometimes think of other members at rivals and even redundant.

Developers may also sometimes think design is ‘easy’ and doesn’t require as much effort as coding –a big misconception. As a developer, you can understand the challenges your team members face by learning to design. You will also be able to up the team’s creativity, rather than only contributing with your (still relevant) technical knowledge.

Understand responsive design

Responsive web design (RWD) is being implemented by almost everyone these days. If a developer doesn’t understand how design works – how a page and its elements will behave differently on variable screen sizes – they won’t be able to write accurate and consistent code. It takes a solid grasp of how everything goes together into making a whole if you’re going to write code for it.

Website, Domain HTML Web Design Concept. Chalkboard on wooden office desk.
website development

Create something beautiful

Sometimes developers get so lost in the technical details that they don’t look at the bigger picture. The product you are coding isn’t just supposed to work – it’s meant to engage with users, delight them, and do something useful for them. Nothing engages users and helps them more than an easy-to-use interface and an attractive layout. Developers who understand designing principles will be more capable of creating something that is functional as well as beautiful.

Merging professions

Going by industry trends, we may well see both professions combine over the next decade or two, if not sooner. In fact, many developers these days double as designers and run a business that provides an all-round, fast web development service to clients on a budget. Handling both responsibilities eliminates the need to collaborate and allows for significantly faster development.

Openwave’s team comprises of highly competent developers, who’ve also mastered the basic facets of design. We build powerful, cutting-edge, stunning websites and portals at affordable prices.


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