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Do You Really Need to Redesign Your Website?

Your website is an important marketing and lead generation tool for your business. Taking good care of your site will help your business to flourish. Experts recommend website owners should upgrade/update their web pages ever so often. Just like remodelling and redecorating a house can boost everyone’s mood; remodelled web pages can keep you – as well as visitors – happy.

Here are some reasons why you should consider redesigning your site now:

Add useful features

Did you visit a competitor’s site recently and saw some features you genuinely liked? Updating your site gives you an opportunity to improve your offering, like integrating mobile payments, offering a better customer service, or by adding social media support. That will prove to be useful to visitors and will drive business growth.

Make it faster

Internet users famously have very limited patience. If your web pages don’t load quickly – in under 3 seconds – you are going to lose a lot of visitors. By adopting new technology, like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), you can make your web pages load as fast as lightning.

Keep up with SEO changes

Google releases new algorithm updates ever so often. If you want your website to stay on top of search engine rankings, you need to make SEO changes to match the latest requirements. Tweaking your site’s design can enhance SEO.

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New design changes

Designers are making great use of technology these days. We’re witnessing some amazing site designs coming up worldwide. Single page sites, sites that tell stories with 3D parallax scrolling and pages that understand voice commands are growing in popularity. By adding leading-edge features to your offering, you will make it more popular and much more entertaining visitors.

Mobile-friendly design

Most of the traffic to your web presence will probably be coming from mobile devices. By implementing responsive web design (RWD), you can make your site compatible with mobile devices and make it easier for mobile visitors to browse it.

Technology changes very rapidly and you can better keep up with it by giving your web presence a makeover. You can hire an external web design team to make the changes quickly and at an affordable rate.


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