Trends to watch out for in the Mobile App space this year

The business of mobile apps is one of the most rapidly growing industries at present. Every year, countless startups attempt to foray into the mainstream to tap into the market of nearly 2 billion smartphone users. The expectations for the field are ever-changing, but here are some of the big trends that we’re likely to be seeing this year.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality made blazing headlines in 2016 as the world watched Pokemon Go sweep across the gaming world. This trend has caught on since then. Companies that develop AR related software have been on the rise, and experts predict that this year will be the ripest time for AR application builders.

Wearable technology

The market for wearable devices is surging this year. Companies like Fitbit, that specialize in wireless wearable technology, have made it big, and the market is set to grow massive in the coming years.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages was a program launched by Google last year. Websites systemized with this technology have a minimal bounce rate, and can load and operate much faster than the rest of the web. Since its launch, the project has been making massive gains, and this year has seen a hike in mobile apps supported by the AMP framework.

Artificial Intelligence

Large parts of the web are being powered by Artificial Intelligence, with popular systems such as Google Now and the iPhone’s Siri already gaining popularity. With the capacity to give corporate entities a sound, analytical insight into their working, the demand for AI is higher than ever before. While countless start-ups have been making shore into this field, empires like Facebook and Google have also turned their attention here.

Cloud-Driven Mobile apps

The cloud technology has gained immense notice in the past few years, and has begun to glaze the mobile-app space. In the near future, we could expect to see mobile apps that take up virtually no memory space, derive their data from the cloud-space


With cyber-crimes now receiving more attention on the news, mobile apps are beginning to give more emphasis to their safety protocols. The industry is shifting its focus to this area, striving to bring a pleasant and productive experience without compromising on security.

The mobile app industry has become lucrative with the advent of smartphones, and new trends have been booming. Openwave has helped countless companies ride the wave and build a mobile application for various specifications. Partner with us to explore this exciting world and its opportunities.


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