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WordPress 4.7.4 Launches and Addresses Minor Flaws of Older Version

Two weeks back, WordPress unveiled the 4.7.4, an upgraded version of its recently launched 4.7 format. Though largely unchanged from the old version, this new launch has a few noticeable tweaks that address issues uncovered in version 4.7.

Motives for the Launch
After the launch of the 4.7.3 security release, the corporation uncovered 47 critical issues in version 4.7. Authors reported broken thumbnails when uploading audio and video files.

Along with this, an upcoming version of the Google Chrome seems to have prompted the move, with Chrome being the more widely used internet platform now. This version targets the website’s synchronization with the new Google Chrome framework.

WordPress is presented in the form of binary code 3d illustration
WordPress Website development company

Highlights of the New Release

1) Visual Editor Compatibility Fix
The new version has also been built-in with a visual editor compatibility fix, giving the website a more seamless integration with the upcoming version of the Google Chrome.

2) Enhanced REST API Groundwork
WordPress’s design is grounded majorly in the Representational State Transfer (RST) architecture, allowing better operations within the internet. The new version has an upgraded application programming interface (API) for this model, boosting the website’s data handling process.

3) Broken Audio/Video Thumbnail Fixed
As mentioned above, the previous version was said to have a critical problem with the thumbnail during uploads, which the new version addresses and restores. The problem with the earlier version is supposedly the result of corrupted metadata.

4) Shift-Click Feature
This version also features the ability to select multiple check boxes through the ‘shift-click’ facility, enhancing the navigation facility and working for the users.

Instructions for Updating
The update process varies depending on the website’s architecture. Websites that come with an automatic update function require no further service with this. However, there are those sites that lack this feature, and a manual process is in store to import the 4.7.4 model:

1) De-activate plug-ins as a safety precaution before the process
2) Download the WordPress XML files separately in a hard drive, and then download the export file.
3) In a new folder, store the backup for your entire WordPress database.
4) A copy of your WordPress database can also be downloaded and stored for emergencies, if ever your server malfunctions or crashes.

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