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Trends Shaping UX Design this Year

User experience design has taken a more critical role in today’s web ecosystem than ever before. The web is larger and more relevant than ever, expanding even further with smartphones and a host of devices to draw visitors from. It is imperative that pages online are tailored for the right experience for a more versatile, as well as a more demanding customer base. Here are some of the trends that are swaying the UX space this year:

Greater emphasis on mobile design
Mobile design is now the more important one. With a boom in the use of smartphones and mobile apps, brands are paying increased attention to the mold of their website/app on the mobile before going for the web.

Visual Impressions
The importance of videos, images and other visual cues is rising online. Images are replacing short product description, along with short videos. These trends are growing stronger this year, and are making an effect on UX formats as well.


Interactive web experience
Applications and interfaces that enhance interaction receive more attention these days. From chat to messaging, as well as conversational assistants such as Siri, the need for a more interactive service has significantly grown.

Infinite scrolling pages
The internet is already accustomed to websites with an endless scroll, with Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels popularizing this trend. It is now giving shape to web and mobile design as well, with more designers going for this pattern.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Retailers are looking to boost their service response by bringing in AR/VR-based facilities. This could include virtually modeled fitting rooms and other convenience boosting features.

The future for UX
UX design has become a mainstream region of work, with businesses waking up to its importance. The future for UX is in a broadening of this field of work, with new roles and an emphasis on UX within companies.

With the emergence of new technologies that are vastly re-shaping the industry, UX design is also set to branch out into new specializations. Virtual reality, AI and other new trends are already making waves and redefining web design, and the pace of change in this area is rapid.

Openwave can help you keep up with the newer trends and make it through the online field. We have a team with versatile skills and influences, including mobile and web design, to help you cope with the shifting field.



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