Social media marketing

Leveraging the Power of Social Media to Promote your Lead Magnet

After spending time and effort building a quality lead magnet, your next step would be towards generating attention around it. As in most cases, social media is a powerful ally in pushing out the word about any particular aspect, and here are the ways in which you can use the different social media tools to drive people towards your brand:


1. Your bio in Instagram could be used as an access route for followers, connecting them to your lead magnet. Insert a link in your bio, allowing your circle of followers to click on it and build attention for your magnet.

2. Instagram Stories is a greatly efficient program for reaching out to your audiences. Through this channel, you can bring messages to your followers through short videos, or a progression of pictures that interact to tell a story. You can utilize this medium to raise awareness about your lead magnet, powering the conversation through videos and images.

Social Media Concept
Social media marketing


1. Compose a compelling tweet that spotlights on your lead magnet’s major advantages and pin it to your profile.

2. Underscore your lead magnet through a well-developed headline that spikes interest among your viewers.

3. Compose a series of tweets that throw light on the subject and use your social networking circle to further bolster reach.


1. Exploit your Facebook banner to add to your marketing tactics. Tailor the appropriate kind of picture for the banner that brings to life the message you want to send. Forge a deeper connection with your audiences with the use of the right colors and hues, making your banner speak to your gathering of people.

2. Facebook Live video is perhaps the prime trend on social networking this year, and it is also an effective one. Make a series of live videos, all of them centering on elements of your lead magnet. This helps to build a far more personalized touch to your relationship with your audiences, and one that also stirs interest with all age groups and backgrounds.

3. Spread the word among your circle of followers on Facebook regarding your lead magnet through simple, regular posts.

These are some of the ways in which you can leverage social media to boost lead building efforts. It may require some mindfulness and creativity, but in the long run, social networking is a solid avenue towards marketing outreach. If you’re in need of assistance in the area of digital marketing, Openwave can help. We have twenty years of experience in the area and can give you the best tools in online promotion.


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