Starting a Business? These Mobile Apps Can Help Improve your Work Process

The booming mobile app market has fundamentally transformed human life. There are apps for almost every aspect and sphere of life these days.

For those starting and running a business, there is a multitude of creative and interesting mobile apps that add value to the job and make it easier. From organizing to accounting and note-taking, here are some apps that can help you if you’re setting up a company:

Businessman with smartphones and colorful apps


5min Business Plan

This aids in developing a business plan in a massively short time. While this process manually takes hours, with the help of this free app, you can get your plan ready in ten or twelve minutes.


This is an accounting application that targets corporations and businesses. It is unique from the range of other apps of its category in its low cost. The app is particularly helpful for managers with just a few employees below them.


This is an application that aids in project management. The app helps to orient your ongoing tasks in the right direction, thereby letting you stay mentally involved in whatever you’re doing at that time.

Basecamp also allows you to upload and share documents, among many other interesting features. The basic package in the application comes at a mere twenty dollar per month, while more expensive packages go for as high as 150 dollars.


This application provides a platform for connectivity and interaction between members of a team. It enables people in a group to engage with each other through group messaging, and also allows files to be shared on the platform for greater convenience. It has a basic package that is free, along with an upgraded package that comes at a mere two dollar per month.


RescueTime, as its name suggests, is an application with the objective of minimizing time-wastage within a team. The application allows its users to track the various manners in which they had spent their day. The user can then study reports put together by the application, based on the data gathered.

With this application, users can evaluate their time-management patterns and work to improve on the various areas where they need to. The app has a free package, as well as a premium version with a charge of nine dollars each month.


This application allows people at work to keep a digital record of ideas and other important things. The app comes in handy when you need to jot down quick notes during meetings, calls and discussions. The app works without the need for an internet connection, adding to the ease of working. The app has a basic version which is free, along with an upgraded ‘Evernote Business’ which comes with a twelve dollar per month subscription.

Mobile apps can elevate ease of business and improve the quality of life on many spheres of life. If you need professional help in developing your own mobile app, then we’ve got what you need. Openwave is an IT corporation based in Malaysia with a robust twenty-year experience in this area. Call us now to discuss your necessities for an affordable price


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