Magento ecommerce website development

5 reasons why Magento is best platform to build your online retail business

What do Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, and Olympus have in common? The answer: they’re all powered by Magento and so are thousands of other eCommerce companies across the globe. The platform’s real strength lies in its customizability and scalable nature, giving retailers the complete freedom to build an e-store that facilitates online sales. How? Users expect a fluid interface, easy viewing of products, hassle-free checkouts, online payment options and all in all, a smooth, fast, enhanced customer experience – and that’s where Magento wins.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why you should pick Magento for your eCommerce needs:

Limitless choice of features
Wish-lists, favorites, product comparisons, advanced search, customized car, easy navigation structure – you name it; Magento has got it! Its abundance of features and extensions are the reasons why it’s considered a complete eCommerce solution.

 It grows with your business
Be it a small startup or a multinational giant, the platform serves just about any business entity. Only Magento offers such unrestrained flexibility and the ability to scale up easily as your business grows.


 It’s developer-friendly
It eliminates complex coding and simplifies the process to a bare minimal. Developers can build on the existing foundation laid down by Magento, make a few tweaks, add a few customizations and tailor it as per client requirements in a quick manner.

It’s supported by a huge community
Being an open source solution, the platform is supported by a large number of developers around the world, who work on the platform, continuously updating it and removing any roadblocks faced during the development process.

Optimized for search engines
The platform is out-of-the-box SEO-ready and comes loaded with features that fulfill all your optimization needs. From URL settings to sitemaps to creating meta tags, it supports your SEO strategy in every way.

Apart from these significant benefits, it also offers:
• Multi-currency and multi-language support
• Regular updates
• Easy store management options
• Various marketing tools
• Support for mobile commerce

With a host of advantages, building an online store on Magento will support your business endeavors and translate into measurable success. Team up with highly skilled Magento developers in Malaysia and raise your business position to new heights.


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