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5 ways to build a winning business website on a tight budget

Success in the online realm isn’t proportional to how much you spend on building and marketing your site. So, if you’re on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed. On the contrary, it will allow you to optimize available resources within your budget and gain measurable success without investing a huge sum. Want to know how? Here are five ways you can work with minimal expenditure, yet build a winning website:

#1: Website builders

If you’re too short on cash, but also don’t have too many requirements you can make use of website builders to create your site. These tools come with WYSIWYG editors with simple drag and drop elements that allow you to create a stunning website without any coding skills. They also carry hundreds of customizable themes that let you deploy a complete website in quick time.

#2: Keyword optimization

While Google’s rules to get ranked might appear overwhelming, mastering the basics will help your website perform well without hiring an expert. There are several free tools that help you identify keywords. Use these keywords naturally in your web copy without overstuffing your content with them. There are also lots of online courses you can sign up for to learn the basics of SEO on your own.

#3: Audio/visual content

Incorporate audiovisual elements in your content marketing strategy for maximum impact – and you don’t have to hire a professional for it. Using your smartphone and free editing tools makes better sense if you lack financial resources.

Website design and development

#4: Social media marketing costs nothing

True, paid ads have a far greater reach, but you can still make your presence felt by leveraging social media’s capabilities. Interact with customers, keep posting intriguing content and maintain an active presence to gather momentum slowly.

#5: Hire dedicated resources

As opposed to outsourcing your development or marketing needs to a company, you can instead hire full-time developers to work short-term on a contractual basis. This method has proven useful in cutting down development costs by up to 40%. The real challenge in this approach lies in finding the right organization to hire resources from.

Don’t have the time to work on these tips? At Openwave, we believe in finding cost-effective digital solutions to your business needs. Hire our dedicated resources or partner with our developers to raise your business to new heights.


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