Mobile app development

10 ways your company could benefit from a mobile app

rsz_web-design-1953129_960_720The year is 2017, and there seems to be no denying the ongoing mobile revolution that has hit the space. Nearly every other business is building a mobile app for their company. If you’re under the impression that it’s solely for brands with a big marketing budget to spare, it’s time to alter those perceptions for once. More and more small to mid-sized businesses are seeking to capitalize on the trend by building their own apps – and so should you.

Not convinced? Here are ten reasons why a mobile app is a must-have asset for your company:

#1: Effective marketing tool

While websites offer a more fleeting glimpse of your site, apps, on the other hand, are constantly in view of users and make driving targeted marketing campaigns possible.

#2: It boosts sales

Upon release of its application, Starbucks noticed a significant increase in its revenues. That’s the power of mobile apps. Since a majority of users prefer shopping on the go, an app can translate into more sales.

#3: Provides good UX

Your app will provide users enhanced the experience with your brand without having to deal with the shortcomings of a website.

#4: It earns you repute

A mobile application will win you a reputation, simply because you have something most of your competitors don’t. This will give you an upper-hand in the competitive space.

#5: Enhances communication

Unlike SMS or Emails, push notifications (a feature exclusive to mobile apps) have a greater read rate and make it easy to convey important marketing messages to users.

#6: Hassle-free checkouts

Integrating payments will make it easier for customers to make purchases quickly on the go, without requiring the input of payment information every time.

#7: Specialized loyalty program

Implementing loyalty or a rewards program is made easier with a mobile application. Users could use the app to monitor their rewards, thus encouraging them to use your brand more often.

#8: It enhances visibility

Since your app is being downloaded and installed on devices, it means that it’s always there on user screens. It regularly reminds users of your presence and thereby, enhances visibility.

#9: Increases customer engagement

It allows users to connect with your brand easily, interact more and helps built trust. Integrating social media can further expand business outreach and engagement levels.

#10: It sets the stage for new developments

The future holds promise what with VR and AR expected to take center stage in app development. Building an application now will allow you to keep up with the times.

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