Drupal website development

5 advantages of using Drupal for website development that make it the best

eBay, The Economist, General Electric, Mint, Arizona University – they all have one thing in common; their websites are powered by Drupal. There’s an endless list of reputed names and established organizations that use this powerful CMS – and it’s not without good reason. Drupal empowers millions of users with its robust functionality, ease of use and a powerhouse of resources.

If you’re still contemplating on whether you should choose other CMSs such as WordPress or Joomla over Drupal, here are a few advantages that will clear up your inhibitions:

1) SEO friendly

Any website owner will want his/her website to rank well in search engines, thereby generating a decent stream of organic traffic. However, without an SEO-friendly platform to support your endeavors, you’ll find that none of your optimization techniques actually work. This is where Drupal scores. Its inbuilt SEO tools make it a favorite of search engines.

drupal in the form of a neon light 3D illustration
Drupal Website development

2) Easy to use

One of the most important reasons why Drupal grabs the top spot is its ease of use. Despite the magnanimity of the platform, it doesn’t trade off simplicity and always ensures user-friendliness. Building websites, adding features, making content updates and other changes are simplified for the average user.

3) Security options

Unlike WordPress where there’s an ever-present possibility of facing a security breach, Drupal takes its security seriously and deploys a number of features that bridge standard loopholes. It also has a large community that continually works to address security flaws.

4) It’s responsive from the word go

Drupal is out-of-the-box responsive which means that any website built using the platform will work well on devices of all sizes. With greater emphasis being paid to mobile performance, this functionality comes in handy to pander to mobile users as well as scores points with search engines.

5) 3rd party API support:

With this platform, it’s easy to connect with leading third-party APIs to extend your website’s functionality. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube, Google Apps and other well-documented APIs. Also, it also allows the creation of custom modules.

These are just some of the benefits Drupal can bring to your website development project. Its real potential can be unearthed by hiring professional Drupal developers for the same. If you don’t know who to reach out to, Openwave, a Malaysian IT giant, has all the resources you need.


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