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5 reasons why it’s time to start prioritizing website security

In recent times, the troubling proliferation of cyber crimes has sent alarm bells ringing among the online community. Websites are being hijacked, sensitive information is made public, and payment frauds are now a commonplace occurrence.

It is vital for website owners to sit up and take notice of the emerging threats in the cyber space and tie up all the loose strings in their security. Backup your data, update the old code and constantly keep a tab on your site for any signs of malware or security breaches. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself facing a major security crisis somewhere down the line.

Here are five reasons why it’s necessary to take your website security seriously:

Valuable information is at risk

Names, email IDs, personal info, payment details, passwords and other information could be stolen from your website. That’s why, it’s vital to safeguard your website from external security threats in order to preserve the privacy of your customers.

Customer relationship is in jeopardy

In 2016, Yahoo revealed that over 500 million user accounts have been stolen which included email IDs, phone numbers, security questions and more. This resulted in a backlash from the online community. Remember, the same could happen to you and as a result, customers will stop trusting you.


Business relationships are affected

Malware spreads quickly, and if your website is infected, it could impact anyone who visits it. This could include your clients, suppliers and other business contacts, which could have an adverse affect on your business relationships. Guarding against potential attacks could prevent major pitfalls in your business.

It will cost you

The recent WannaCry Ransomware attack which crippled more than 230,000 computers amounted to about $4 billion in losses. Data breaches can leave your bank balance running dry, thus making it vital to fix any website security vulnerabilities promptly.

Penalties could be imposed

If a data breach arises as a result of inadequate security measures, you could be held responsible and slapped with hefty penalties, apart from being involved in legal tussle. In fact, in Malaysia, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) enforces strict action against offenders, inviting penalties ranging from RM 50,000 to RM 300,000.

Failing to protect your website could have a negative impact on your business. Invest in enhancing website security. If you don’t know how, you can always reach out to experts for web services in Malaysia


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