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3 Android Utility apps that will survive until 2020

Nothing is forever. Everything comes with a predefined lifecycle, and it might turn into a blaze only to ultimately fizzle out. The same goes for mobile apps. With more than 2.2 millions apps available in the Android store, fatigue is setting in among users that are making them more choosy and selective.

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For instance, Pixite recorded enormous success with its photo-viewing and uploading tools but eventually got wiped out. This example is only one of the many that illustrate the constant shifts in the industry. So, is there any industry that encourages consistent growth? Yes! When it comes to Android utilities, the future doesn’t seem as bleak as other niches.

In fact, we believe that these 3 Android Utilities will survive until 2020 and are the best choice for developing Android apps that are sustainable:

#1: Notetaking apps

Google’s already covered the spreadsheet/document editing and management segment. However, customers still use a separate app for taking notes.

If you’re building a note-taking app, make sure that it meets the following core requirements:

• Must be light weight
• Less processor usage
• Clean design
• Instant note taking feature
• Easy note saving/sharing
• Intuitive UI, good UX

#2: Ringtone cutters

The craze for music will never die down. Users love using their favorite song as their ringtone. Rarely do Android devices offer a good ringtone selection by default, which makes ringtone cutters a necessity for most users.

Your ringtone cutter application must include the following features to succeed:

• Occupy less storage space
• Consume less RAM/CPU
• Clean design and seamless navigation
• Ringtone Preview
• Easy save feature
• Option to assign to specific contacts

#3: Ebook readers:

While there are specific devices for eBook reading such as Kindle, the allure of converting an existing smartphone into a reader is too high to ignore. This has led to an increased demand for eBook reader applications that provide a good reading experience on mobile devices.

Some of the functionalities required include:

• Support for all document formats
• Minimal app size
• Low RAM/CPU usage
• Multiple reading options
• Customizability
• Auto-detection of eBooks
• Providing night reading mode
• In-text search capability

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