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The emergence of ChatBots: How it’s driving the eCommerce industry?

In recent times, shopping preferences have shifted more towards eCommerce with an increasing number of shoppers choosing online stores over brick-and-mortar stores. With the eCommerce industry becoming more and more saturated, customers are now seeking a personal touch that will enhance their online shopping experience. This is where chatbots come in. The integration of bots with Facebook Messenger will reduce the communication gap between online retailers and consumers and improve business prospects.

Here are a few ways chatbots can help eCommerce businesses:

1) Customer service
One of the principal benefits provided by chatbot tools is that it facilitates quick and personalized interaction, thus enhancing the customer service offered. Bots also allow customers to place an order directly from the Messenger.

2) Expand business outreach
Businesses can make the most of the popularity of mobile messengers and reach out to a wider audience. If you’re creating a bot on Facebook Messenger, you can connect with millions of users and create awareness of your products/services.

E-commerce Website development

3) Improves sales
Chatbots can effectively boost sales by connecting with customers and offering them personalized suggestions based on their order history and prompting them to buy something they might be interested in.

4) Turns users into customers
Even if you have a 24/7 helpline or email desk, nothing can surpass the functionality of bots, which can readily communicate with clients and respond to queries. Such level of automation enhances conversion rates.

5) Enhances the shopping experience
Chatbots enable customers to place an order without even visiting the website or downloading the app, thus offering them superior convenience, which in turn translates into outstanding shopping experiences.

6) It seems almost natural
Similar to how consumers interact with shopkeepers and sales associates, chatbots bring in human-like interaction via messaging. Instead of making shopping feel like a chore, chatbots make it fun, interactive and highly natural.

7) Lesser man hours
If you operate on a global scale, think of the man power you’ll need to handle the influx of customer queries, return requests, exchanges, and other inquiries. With Chatbots, you can cut down on the working hours required, and direct only the most complex requests to customer service personnel.

Integrate chatbots into your eCommerce business website today and feel the difference. If you require professional help, give Openwave a call to avail best-in-class eCommerce website development solutions in Malaysia.


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