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Recipe to Build a Perfect Android App: 8 Ingredients you need

Every day new apps are launched on Google Play. What began in 2008 is now a marketplace that has over 2.8 million Android apps. The bad news is that apps will now have to fight for their share in an increasingly crowded space. The good news, however, is that you can always gain a competitive edge and sustain the tough competition with the perfect Android app design.

Android Apps

Here are eight key ingredients you’ll need to transform a good application into an excellent one:

#1: Name it Right

Your name links back to your brand. As such, it is vital to utilize the right name and color scheme, so that users can identify with your business.

#2: The Core Idea

For a perfect Android application, the idea upon which it is based should be unique. Carry out research, analyze the market, be sure of recording a positive market response and only then proceed with development.

#3: Set a Target Base

Your application can’t be for everyone. If it does try to be an all-in-one app, it will fail miserably. It is better to set a target base that will help you personalize the app experience, and build a product that serves the target group in the best manner.

#4: Whom should you Hire?

Do you have the technical skill to develop an application? If not, you need to hire the best resources for the job. Find skilled developers who specialize in developing Android Apps. Check previous work and measure their caliber before hiring.

#5: Stick to the Conventional

This might sound counterintuitive, but it isn’t! In the app world, following conventions doesn’t necessarily make you conventional, but instead, it means that you’re user-centric.

#6: Refine your App

It pays to pay attention to the tiniest details and polish your application so that all the imperfections are rooted out. Remember, if your app is 99.9% perfect, the other 0.1% isn’t insignificant – it’s what matters the most.

#7: Be Heard and Seen

Despite being excellent, many apps fail to deliver results. The reason? It just wasn’t marketed enough. You need to create awareness, advertise and get users to see what you have on offer. Otherwise, your app will be earmarked for failure.

#8: Do not Rush the Testing

Testing is as important as development, so make sure you do not rush through it. Test, revise, improve – and then test again. Follow this process to make sure that your Android app hits the Store in its best possible version.

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