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How does content influence eCommerce and why it’s important?

With eCommerce booming, it’s no secret that it’s taking over the retail industry, bringing convenience right to the doorstep of shoppers. While on the upside, it has opened up new doors of opportunity for retailers, on the downside, the spurt in the number of online retailers has resulted in only a handful commanding a major chunk of consumer attention.

The fact is that consumers have grown tired of retailers trying to persuade them to buy something. A large number of eCommerce websites create content for the sake of it, and there’s seldom any impact it creates.

Why is it important?

Content can speak to the people and engage them in a way that no sales pitch can. People don’t like being forced to buy something; instead, they like being told intriguing stories through content, which in turn, drives them to make a purchase.

That’s the power of content in livening up the eCommerce space!

The altered perspective of advertising:

Gone are the days when retailers pooled up huge sums of money into advertising. Today, consumers shun generic advertising and seek that which resonates with them on a personal level. Publishers around the world have embraced affiliate marketing and capitalize on their influential role by tailoring their content to sell a product. This way, the retailer makes money, and the publisher that started the purchase journey gets a cut, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

E-Commerce written on a wooden cube in a office desk
E-commerce website development

Things publishers and retailers should know:

1) Understand the sales funnel
Not every customer shops the same way. Some require a massive dose of information before they decide. Understand the eCommerce customer’s needs. This will help you provide them with the information they need to make a purchase.

2) Be original

Marketers should be looking to create original marketing messages that put out compelling content. For instance, Dove commenced its ‘Real Beauty’ campaign in 2004, with plus-size models to promote positive body image. The marketing message struck a chord with female audiences, driving the brand’s sales.

3) Engagement translates into sales

Creating a captivating copy will engage the audience, which in turn, drives sales. It starts with forming the right content team and hiring professional designers that can depict even the blandest topic in the most interesting way.

Besides an efficient content marketing strategy to succeed in the eCommerce realm, you also need a high-performing eCommerce website. Get in touch with Openwave, a leading Malaysian IT firm that can take care of your web development and marketing needs.


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