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7 Advantages of hiring professional web designers

Websites around the world are created with a purpose. While some of them are created to bring awareness to a subject, others are business sites that serve as an outpost for businesses which are offering their services via the internet. Regardless of the purpose, all websites require one thing in common- a good web design. A web design is usually the lynchpin that can either make or break a website. Hence, investing in a good web designing exercise is crucial for success.

Here’s why you should always leave the designing aspect to a professional website designer:

Time savings: Yes, an immense amount of time can be saved by outsourcing your web design work to a professional who is not only adept at the activity but can also help deliver the final product in a much shorter time frame. This can help you deploy your website earlier.

Better Experience: When you are building a website for the masses, it is important for you to use themes and designs that your target audience might find appealing and appreciate. Professional designers are usually more aware of trends and can deliver a better layout.

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SEO: Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is important to ensure that your web page gets indexed on web searches and ranks high on the list. By partnering with a professional website designer, you can ensure your web pages are SEO-friendly and garner more page views.

Responsive Design: Websites are used on several devices, ranging from smartphones to tablet PCs. Developing a website that adapts to any screen dimension is crucial to ensure that the web pages are readable by a variety of users.

Flexible web design: A website should be flexible enough to be altered easily and at will. Businesses should change the theme and content on their sites according to their business needs and sales requirements. This can be accomplished by hiring expert designers who can create a site that can be altered without much fuss.

Do you find the above-mentioned benefits convincing? Then it is time for you to hire a professional website designer for your site revamp. We, Openwave, are a leading website design company in Malaysia. Partner with us for all your design needs!

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4 Smart Tips to Boost App Installs during the Holiday Season!

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The holiday season is here and businesses are looking to boost their businesses. The holiday season brings with it a great deluge of shoppers who scour the internet to shop on the best deals and discounts. However, in recent years, this style of eCommerce as moved from the web browser to the domain of smartphones. Many users prefer to shop from their smartphone apps as these offer convenience compared to web browsers. This leaves businesses with one single option- move to mCommerce or risk losing your customers.

So, how can business persuade their users to access their shopping carts through apps and gravitate towards app-based purchases? The following tips can come handy.

1.Social Media Login: Nothing irks customers more than filling in forms and furnishing several lines of information to create an account. The best way to overcome this is to have social media login that completely eliminates this problem and allows customers to open an account quick and smoothly.

2. Least Number of Steps to Check Out: Cart abandonment is a real crisis for most businesses. The best way to overcome this is to ensure that the checkout occurs as quickly as it can. One way to ensure this is to have the least number of steps to check out. This helps capitalize on the impulse of customers and get a successful checkout. All of this adds to holiday boost-up of revenues.

3. Simple UI and Comfortable UX: An elegant UI and an intuitive UX goes a long way in ensuring customer retention. App should not have complex features that take a while to understand. The attention span of customers is very low. App developers should focus on getting users convinced about the app’s usefulness and unique proposition in that small span of initial usage.

4. In-Store Assistance: An effective customer support feature is necessary if the app is to be successful. Live support and quick resolution of issues can help businesses gain consumer trust and loyalty. This goes a long way towards reducing app uninstalls.

These tips got you thinking? Then get started today and develop an app for your retail business. Worried about tech support? Get in touch with Openwave! We are the No.1 Mobile App Development Services in Malaysia. Avail our assistance and experience a holiday season sales boost-up.

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Why you should use Docker with ASP.NET?

Microsoft’s ASP.NET framework has been used for more than 15 years by developers who have built many-a-critical enterprise applications using this framework. However, most of these business applications still run on old versions of the framework and windows servers which are becoming obsolete with every passing day. However, an entire rewrite of the applications will be both time and investment intensive, thereby being deemed too daunting to try. For such businesses, Docker’s containerization technology offers a great value as it offers a simple workaround around the entire upgrade.

The following reasons make Docker highly desirable:

1. Pre-Made Runtime Environment: Unlike setting up a virtual machine where the OS is usually installed to create a suitable environment for running the application, Docker simplifies all of this by just requiring a mention of the parameters in a Docker file. It then takes care of setting up the software every time the environment runs the application.

2. Easy Compatibility with Version-upgrades: Whenever the software gets upgraded, the runtime environment gets upgraded alongside the application code. This is particularly useful for .net developers to zero in on discrepancies and correct them.

3. Runtime Consistency: Unlike the past where there were issues in the consistency of the performance of the application, today the performance of an application will remain the same across all platforms be it a developer’s machine or a production server.

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Asp .net development

4. Cloud Friendly: It is highly cloud compatible. Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure offer deployment stories for containers. Azure supports single containers as an application service and multiple containers using Docker Swarm and Azure Container services. Amazon offers its own version of services under a different name.

5. Securable and Light: As Docker machines have their own runtime environment, they can be secured like a separate machine as they are like a real-time machine with their own copy of the OS’s user space (albeit a slimmed down version).

6. Scalability: A single Docker can be turned into a sort of a virtual server farm. This is precisely the idea behind Docker swarm with which creating containers is quite easy.

With Microsoft working with the Docker team to make it more compatible to ASP.NET frameworks, it is the right time for you to use this system on your servers as well. We, at Openwave, are a reputed dotnet website development company and boast of immense experience in this domain. Enlist our services to for an error-free transition to Docker. To know more, give us a call.


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5 Mandatory Skills that an Android Developer must Possess!

Laptop smartphone mockup on white background. 3d illustration.The extent of proliferation of Android devices on our planet can be grossly understated. With close to 4000 unique device models and 400+ dedicated Android device manufacturers, the chunk of earth’s population that uses Android devices hovers at a massive figure of 2 billion. As the emerging nations of Africa and Latin America enter the fray of high-speed internet connectivity, the demand for Android-powered smartphones and their apps have only one direction to go and that is on the upside. App developers have a major role to play in tomorrow’s industry as all businesses today desire an app that offers their services in a personalized manner.

Android app developers should gear up to the challenge and get themselves well-skilled in the following domains:

#1. Proficiency in Java Programming: Most of the native Android application development involves the usage of Java and Android Studio as an integrated development environment. Hence, developers must be well versed in it.

#2. Technically Sound: The developer must be technically sound with proficiency in SDKs, APIs, and other relevant tools. This is important as app development usually does not involve development in one platform but developing apps that are capable of delivering a smooth performance across all devices.

#3. Design Acumen and Spatial Reasoning: Android app developers should boast of great design acumen as design plays a major role in making the app appealing and user-friendly. Another important attribute is the ability to visualize interaction in the 3-dimensional space and discern the spatial relations between objects. Without the right design, an app can never capture the attention of the target audience.

#4. Expertise in Cross-Platform Solutions: While Android development should be the focus, knowing a little bit about the other elephant in the room- Apple’s iOS- can never hurt one’s chances. There are several iOS apps that don’t automatically make their way into Android, making development of cross-platform solutions ideal to capture a large market share.

#5. Market Knowledge: Non-IT domain businesses who venture into app development may not always have a clear idea of what they are getting into. App developers should have a good understanding of the market and its trends in order to be able to guide their clients towards the right choices in app development. The success of the client can automatically translate into success for the app developer.

If you are you a business on the lookout for Android Application Developer in Malaysia with all the qualities mentioned above, then we recommend you strongly to choose Openwave. Their teams of dedicated Android app developers fulfill all of these criteria and are among the most experienced.

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Why should online businesses pay attention to PHP web development?

PHP is a widely used scripting language that utilizes web servers to run powerful web apps. Thanks to its security and reliability, hundreds of website developers around the globe use this language to make web apps that are robust and efficient. If you are into eCommerce or run a business that you intend to take online, knowing about the platform and employing developers to build your web apps are essential.

Here’s why PHP is the preferred development language the world over:

Open source community: As it is an open-source language, its components are free to use and easily available. This can help bring down development times and also allow easier implementation of updates without carrying out an overhaul.

Reliable performance: The performance of the platform depends on the coding that goes into the development process. By availing the services of expert PHP developers, businesses can build applications that add great value to the customers.

Efficient development: Since it utilizes its own memory space, its loading time and workload are significantly less. This offers great flexibility to build PHP Web applications in the domain of eCommerce, CRM, and CMS.

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PHP Web development Company

Business-ready: PHP features several built-in libraries that help in integrating vital business functionalities such as sending emails, generating PDF documents, etc. This is beneficial when building enterprise web apps.

Secure and Flexible: It has several security layers that aid in keeping the website secure and protect it against threats. Its framework allows the integration of several functionalities and features along the development process without any major structural modifications. This makes the life of developers quite easy and helps bring many new applications without the fear of tampering with the existing features

Vibrant community: Its community of developers ensures that the language remains updated and evolves with the changing trends and increasing requirements demanded of it. The large size of the community can make problem-solving during development very easy as most challenges have a solution that can be dug up by scouring online forums.

Whichever industry you operate in, PHP is the right medium for you to build your services on. To hire PHP web developers who are proficient in the language and are capable of executing your ideas accurately, get in touch with Openwave. Openwave is a reputed PHP web development company in Malaysia. Consult its team for your web app needs.

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6 Tips to Hire the Best Android Developers for your Project!

Mobile bigstock--196619221Mobile apps have become a way of life. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphones in our daily lives, Android and iOS powered applications are increasingly explored as ways of delivering services to an increasing audience that spends a considerable amount of time on their smartphone screens. Leveraging the comfort and mobility of smartphones, businesses are increasingly exploring ways and means to bring several tools and functionalities to their smartphones thereby turning them into effective tools for professional activity in the era of BYOD. However, developing apps entail a fair amount of effort and planning and require a team of Android application developers who can deliver the product as per the right specifications.

Here are a few tips that can help businesses hire developers who are the best fit for the task at hand:

1. Experienced App Developer: It is always important to hire an app developer who is experienced in the domain. This is important because the domain of Android evolves every single day with several updates and patches that are released periodically. Only an experienced developer who is well-versed in the field can develop business apps.

2. Cost should not be a Primary Factor: Experience does not come cheap. Very few Android application developers have been in the field of apps development ever since Android made its debut 10 years ago. Hence, such experts are likely to charge an above average fee. However, such an investment always pays rich dividends.

3. Check the Previous Projects of the Developer: Relevant experience is a vital criterion. Businesses should analyze if their developers have experience that is relevant to the development of business-grade apps. Game developers may not have all the skills required for developing word processing apps. Hence, paying attention to the experience of the development team is vital to ensure a desirable final product.

4. Innovative and Quality Focused Approach: Quality and an innovative approach are always important when it comes to developing customer-facing apps. This policy should be espoused by both the clients and the application developers if their final goal is to deliver an app that maintains an edge over the competition. Hence, it is important to hire Android app developers who exude a no-nonsense approach when it comes to quality control.

Looking for the aforementioned traits in Android App Developers is important in order to put together a team that can deliver the desired result. However, setting up a team from scratch for the purpose of Android app development can be quite a challenge. Instead, you can partner with Openwave and form a team from their pool of experts.

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5 ways to boost traffic to your website this holiday season

The holiday season is one of the most productive times of the year for retail businesses. It is at this time of the year that businesses see a lot of website traffic. This is partly due to the fact that most online shoppers start their shopping for the Christmas season well before the holidays commence. This can be witnessed from the fact that most eCommerce sites see a spike in their traffic starting with Black Friday that continues all the way till after Christmas season ends. Such a spike in activity can be turned into an increase in revenue and profits by playing the cards right.

Here are a few tips that can help boost ecommerce Sales for this holiday season:

1. Holiday Special Promotions: During the holiday season, most online retailers see a lot of floating visitors. These are shoppers who visit the websites only during this time of the year to benefit from the special holiday offers. To cater to such a customer base, offering deals and discounts help in boosting revisits and sales.

2. Small Gifts to Inspire Purchase: It’s the time of the year when all consumers like to be pampered. By offering small gifts and complimentary offers, websites can motivate customers to make more purchases in anticipation of winning more gifts.

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Website development Company

3. Work with a Partner: During the Christmas and Halloween seasons, holiday-themed products such as toys, candies, and Santa costumes see a great demand. Ecommerce businesses can partner with wholesale promoters of such products and help their customers buy them amidst great demand. They can also offer deals on these products to maximize their business sales.

4. Promote Your Holiday Offers: The most cost-effective way of increasing holiday season e-commerce sales is to embrace the power of Social media. By pivoting the marketing strategy towards Social Media channels rather than mainstream media, businesses can promote their holiday offers more effectively by targeting individual users as opposed to a large customer base. This helps get better ROI.

5. Creating Appealing designs: This does not necessarily mean adding more colors to the website. On the contrary, designers should develop a user experience that keeps customers glued to the screen for hours without harming their eyes. This can directly influence conversion rates. Another way to develop a successful design is to provide users with appealing content that motivates them to buy sooner than later.

Implementing these changes can be easy if you start early and avail expert assistance. Hire website designers from Openwave to bring remarkable changes to your website this holiday season!