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4 Benefits Crypto-Currency can provide to help you stay ahead in 2018!

bigstock--221265331.jpgNo one can deny the fact that we humans are constantly in search of convenience. We have now evolved to a point where even money has gone digital, paving way for convenient transactions. One of the technologies that developed out of that necessity of ours is the crypto-currency. At this point, few are the enterprises and businesses that must be strangers to this mechanization. The demand for crypto-currency and Blockchain development in Malaysia and other regions has been increasing at an overwhelming pace, especially since the Bitcoin hit. Entrepreneurs aren’t letting go of this trend and they continue to expand it to new horizons.

Here are 4 Benefits of Cryptocurrency for you in 2018:

1.) More Currency can be Mined

Mining is a process that enables businesses and entrepreneurs to multiply their crypto-currency and expand their business value. Users can use special software to facilitate mining out more coins or currency by doing specific tasks.

2.) The Blockchain Advantage

An inevitable part of the cryptocurrency development process is Blockchain. It is a decentralized network built very cost-efficiently. This helps revolutionize the exchange experience for entrepreneurs. Apart from that, it saves much money and time invested in its development process and also, includes an amazing community support group. Some of the best companies have invested in it, which ensures you speedy communication and ample fundraising chances.

3.) More Accessibility to Raise Capital

With cryptocurrency, all entrepreneurs have improved accessibility to money. Business owners can use the ICO or Initial Coin Offering method to expand their entrepreneurship on different platforms. Moreover, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin offer them more security and encryption in their transactions.

4.) Record Value of the Transaction

Crypto-currency involves peer-to-peer connection during the exchange processes. During this, there is a secure ledger that stores all transactions in such a way that no one can alter them at a later part of the time – the record permanently remains in the domain and hence, ensures more reliability. Users always can refer to it later for any queries.

There are far more benefits that the crypto-currency scenario has to offer. Now that more businesses have been showing an inclination to it, you must start dealing it too! But clear all your confusions and questions before proceeding. Contact Openwave to know all the sides of it and to keep up with Cryptocurrency Trends of 2018.

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The positive impact of on-demand apps on human life

Who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? In fact, people use their smartphones not just to talk but to use the several other applications. The reason is simple – mobile applications have made our lives operate at the touch of a finger. We now lead a more convenient, simpler and faster life. The latest addition to this technology is on-demand apps.

What are on-demand apps?

These apps enable us to get our work done without moving a muscle. Almost everything can be done right at our doorstep! For exampleUber, Urbanclap, and Zomato. No wonder they’re so popular among people. Presenting 4 ways on-demand apps are simplifying our lives.

1.) Very cost-effective

With products and services delivered at our doorstep, we longer have to spend money on commuting for shopping. In addition to that, apps offer heavy discounts and offers that we don’t get in regular shops. Do we even need to mention about cash-backs? A better shopping experience than others any day!

2.) More convenient

With so much going on in our heads, right from work to house and other issues, we often have very little time at our disposal to shop peacefully – taking our time to shop for things we like and zooming through the supermarket are completely two different things, really. Also, grocery shopping can get tiresome. The list of inconveniences just goes on. With an on-demand app, you can shop from anywhere, organize and make calculations before you proceed to check out and get all of it delivered to the home. Now save yourself the duty of those meticulous tasks.


Mobile communications and social networking concept
Mobile App development


3.) Quick solutions

Broken tap? AC repairs? Other problems to which you need a quick solution before the situation gets out of hand? On-demand apps provide a wide spectrum of services to choose from; so you can get quick solutions to any dilemma.

4.) On-time, all the time

Is time ticking out and you need to get multiple things done within the deadline? On-demand apps, again, help you with this. You can shop and order anything from your home without having to waste time; so you can get everything before the time-frame and focus on the more important tasks.

Do you plan to build a personalized on-demand services app? Do you simply want suggestions on good ones? Get in touch with Openwave! Call right away.

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How are Apple products impacting the education sector?

Apple is coming up with all kinds of iPad apps that are centred on education and students. These apps not only make the world of education much more convenient, but also helps in creating better learning and accountability among students. Here are a few educational apps that are rocking the world of iPad app development:

1. Froggipedia
This particular app has a pencil-like cursor which can actually help the students in virtually performing frog dissections. Their absence in the biology lab won’t affect the learning curve.

2. Everyone can code
Through this revolutionising app, everyone can learn how to code. Children can learn this important subject right from kindergarten and gradually hone it into a skill.

3. Classroom
Getting distracted or zoning out during class is entirely possible. But, this particular app helps the teachers in monitoring the student’s browsing activities during the class. Every time you lose focus, the teacher knows.


iOS app development


4. Pages
This is an old app but is now being equipped with new features that are particularly education-oriented. Students can create their own illustrations and teachers can monitor them as well.

5. Apple teacher
This app helps the teachers in improving their teaching methods. It suggests interesting learning activities that are sure to make the classroom a more interactive place.

6. Classkit
This app helps the teachers in checking assignments, prescribing reading material or even sharing notes. This creates better communication and coordination among the teachers and students.

iPad app development services offered by Openwave are in high demand and are being praised everywhere. If you own an education institution, paying these excellent group of developers a visit can be a very good idea.

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5 Ways in which AR and VR Benefit the Real Estate Industry!

bigstock--124768670.jpgAugmented and virtual reality have completely transformed the technological infrastructure of the world. One of the industries that have truly benefited from this technological advancement, is the real estate sector. VR application development has made this sector a lot more automated, making lives convenient and taking out the legwork.

Here are a few ways through which the sector has been improved via VR:

The Legwork is Reduced
You can simply sit on a cozy chair while the agent shows you top notch properties via a VR glass. You can get a pretty good sense of what you might invest your money in. Real estate agents across the globe are getting acquainted with this service.

Look at the Changes that are yet to be made

If you are looking to change the color of your walls or make a change in your house’s structure, VR can help you with it. You can simply see how your walls would look like with a different color on a screen or through some good VR goggles. It reduces the time and effort by a large extent.

Managing Constructions more Smoothly

A real estate person can manage construction in a better manner with the help of VR as taking feedbacks from the client is easier and quicker than ever.

Better Communication with Clientele

Think about how much appreciative your clients would be if you have access to such time saving and efficient technology.

A Better Brand Image

A real estate agent can get an edge over his competitors by offering services such as a 360-degree view or a look-see into properties via VR goggles.

If you are a real estate agent and are looking to Hire Developers in Malaysia, Openwave’s developers are your best bet. You can have access to advanced technology at affordable prices.

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4 tricks you need to know about developing an outstanding mobile app

If you’ve had prior experience with developing apps, you’ll know how hard it is to build apps that stand out, especially when it comes to business apps. Over the years, marketing strategies have turned from websites for pc to websites compatible with mobiles to mobile apps to even web apps, depending on consumers’ tastes.

Companies have been running to mobile app developers to get apps built for them to get an edge over their competitors. These 4 tips will help you achieve the same:

1.) Design Matters!

What’s the first thing the user notices about an app? Obviously, it’s design. If a user finds it attractive and easy to use, then your app will have successfully cleared the first stage. If your design is something rare, your app will have cleared the second base wherein the user is highly likely to download it. Don’t rush your development process; spend adequate time on designing and improving the UX.

2.) Update, improve, update.

The market is dynamic. If you don’t keep up with it, you’ll fall behind in the race. Merely releasing an app into the store does not mean you can sit back and relax. Enterprises must constantly study app analytics, spot bugs, improve errors with timely updates and maintain the shortest possible reaction time to user demands.


Smartphone design.
Mobile App Development


3.) One application, many features.

With millions of apps in every app store, consumers can never fall short of apps for all their needs. But of late, a number of users have been showing an inclination to multi-purpose apps that incorporate multifarious features and have an easy interface. If your app can provide customers impeccable functionalities all in one place, it will stand out.

4.) Test with actual users

When you’re running tests for your application, there is a higher chance of finding bugs and errors with actual users than in lab testing it. For this purpose, apps stores allow ‘early access’ option so that customers can try it in the initial stages and point out bugs.

While building a successful application has much more involved, these four hacks are sure to be an added advantage for you. If you require more help with mobile applications, get in touch with firms like Openwave, a web and mobile app development company in Malaysia.

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How to Find the Best Magento Support Company?

magento2 - baruIn today’s dynamic and advanced times, Magento can be counted among the most basic technological needs for any business. Your trade simply can’t prosper without an eCommerce website. Hence, the need for a Magento web development company is huge. But, not just any company can be chosen. You need to hire one which is just right. Openwave, a professional Magento developer can be a really good fit for all your needs.

Here are a Few Tips that will help you in the Making the Decision:

  • Getting the Message Across
    Every business goes through transitions from time to time, which you will want to have reflected on your website as well. So, your company should be a pro at communicating, understanding and stating the important points.
  • Ample of Experience
    You don’t want to hire a novice for the job. You need someone who has first-hand experience of Magento and who has delivered a certain number of eCommerce-based projects with success. Magento development is not exactly a child’s play. You need professionals who know the tricks of the system.
  • Vigilance is a Must
    Your hired Magento developer must be vigilant and always on a lookout for alerts. If the system goes down, you will want the company to be aware of it and nip the problem at the bud itself.
  • Adaptable with all the Versions
    Your developer must be comfortable with working on all the versions of Magento and not just the current one. It is empirical to be completely aware of the system, right from its humble beginnings. The developer must understand the differences between the two and use them to your website’s advantage.
  • You need a Team, not just an Individual
    Your developer can’t be the single individual, but a group of them. This way, they can handle issues in a better manner, by pooling ideas and plans to counter problems.

If your developer matches all the above, then you are in good hands. Can’t find one? Well, now you have! Choose Openwave and entrust Magento Development to the best in the industry.

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3 common mobile app development mistakes you must beware of in 2018

Android app development is surely a skill that has caught on like a rage with mobile app developers across the world, and the number of new mobile applications that appear on the Play Store on a daily basis is a true testament to the same. However, if you are an Android developer yourself, it is of value to know what common errors feature in such projects, in order to avoid them effectively.

Below are some of the major errors in Android mobile application development that you should avoid in 2018:

Leaving out the use of intents

A very crucial element of Android application development is intents, which are a way that various modules in the entire application interact with each other through providing a ready transit for free movement of data. When you have an application where you need to pass on messages between modules, not making use of intents can lead to you writing endless lines of humongous code to achieve the same.


Common mobile application development errors to avoid in 2018


Leaving out fragments

A multi-pane user interface is what every Android app designer aims for and the same can be achieved by making use of fragments intelligently to help activities to be developed inside the applications. Leaving out the use of fragments will only mean that the runtime of your code goes considerably up, hence spoiling the overall responsiveness of your mobile application.

Main thread blocking

Ever saw your mobile app not respond and a message asking if you want to close your mobile application appear. This is most probably a case of the Android application developer having blocked the main thread at the time of the development of the application. This has serious ill effects on the responsiveness of your mobile application, and you must avoid this in any circumstance.

Worried that your mobile app development isn’t going by the best practices of the book? Then let Openwave, a renowned Android app development company in Malaysia come in and bring in the best-known practices for developing exciting Android mobile applications.