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How can you develop the best logo for your business website?

The role a logo plays in building a brand can be grossly understated. After all, it is the single defining symbol of the brand that strikes a chord with the consumers. In the era of website and app-based branding, it is important to consider the online browser/smartphone screen as a crucial element before developing a logo for your business.

So, what are the steps that you should pay attention to if you are developing one for your website? Let’s find out:

Step 1: Define the brand: When it comes to conceptualizing a logo, it is important to first be sure of what your brand is and what it represents. Businesses across the globe have a core mission and vision for the brand which should be reflected in the logo as it is the first element of the brand that catches the eye of users.

Step 2: Identify the Audience: Identifying a target audience is yet another important exercise that should be paid attention to; failing to do so could cost the brand in terms of visibility. Identify the target audience and develop a logo that resonates with them and piques their interest.

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Step 3: Choose the right style: This is yet another important issue. The style that your logo incorporates should be based on the nature of your services. It can be tempting to think progressive and opt for a funky design. However, it the design doesn’t sit well with your audience, you could lose out on gaining brand value. Hence, opting for one that is grand but also comprehensible is a better option.

Step 4: Optimize for websites and mobile screen: Both websites and mobile apps carry the brand logo in strategic places. In websites, the logo is usually embellished as a thumbnail image on the browser tab and alongside the header, while on apps it is used as the app icon. Hence, it should be optimized for viewing on small screens and in icon-sized dimensions.

Enlisting the support of an expert web designer can help you come up with a logo that is best suited for your branding mediums. We, Openwave, are a leading website development company in Malaysia and offer world-class branding solutions. Hire our team today and develop a logo worthy of your brand.

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9 benefits offered by Drupal for web development

It goes without saying that maintaining a website for your brand is not merely a trend but a norm that all businesses adhere to. This religiousness towards developing and maintaining a dedicated website for the brand can be attributed to the fact that an online presence offers several tangible and intangible benefits to its visibility and popularity. And when it comes to web development, the one platform that stands above all is Drupal.

Drupal has emerged as the premier development platform for thousands of business across the globe. It powers close to 2.3% of the planet’s websites. But why does it enjoy such popularity? What makes it such a preferred platform? The reasons are as follows:

Easy management: Allows easy maintenance of the website along with several unique functionalities.

Open source: It is powered by a global developer community that works towards developing free and customizable plug-ins.

Customization: A highly flexible platform that allows a great degree of customization which aids in developing unique websites.

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SEO-Friendly: From customizable URLs to auto-generating meta tags, it offers a variety of features that aid in boosting its SERP ranking.

Mobile-compatible: Allows the development of responsive mobile sites that allow for easy usability on mobile phones.

Enterprise-ready: Thanks to its secure backend, it allows for the development of enterprise-grade websites that are robust and tamper-proof.

API support: Custom module development and integration are easy due to extensive API support. It is also Social media ready and enables integration with several important sites such Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Easy redeployment: Allows for swift modification of the constituent elements and easy redeployment of the site.

Effective Administration: Incorporates an intuitive dashboard that enables effective and user-friendly administration from the backend.

If building a formidable brand is at the top of your agenda, then opt for Drupal CMS website development to bolster your branding efforts. Enlist the services of Openwave, the best web development company and boost your brand!

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4 Ways in which a Mobile App can Boost your eCommerce Business!

E-commerce Internet Global Marketing Purchasing Concept

Is your eCommerce venture enjoying success or is it facing shortcomings? Either way, it is important that you invest in mobile app development to ensure that you stay relevant in the long run. World over, the smartphone revolution has made massive inroads with the number reaching a whopping 3 billion active users. This being the case, consumers are moving away from browser-based eCommerce to smartphone-based mCommerce. It is important for you to ensure that your business stays at the forefront of this emerging pattern and benefit from the new trends. Partnering with a mobile application developer to develop a dedicated online shopping app can benefit you immensely.

Here are the Benefits you Stand to Enjoy:

Improved Accessibility: Smartphones offer better access to services than browser-based services. This can be attributed to their mobility and the better features of apps. For a consumer base that is always on the move, offering services through apps is a great way of reaching out to them and boosting sales.

Effective Marketing: Unlike websites where marketing is predominantly only through banner ads, apps offer a superior platform to promote offers and deals. Push notifications which appear on the notifications screen promise better conversions compared to browser ads. They also offer geo-targeting which makes it easy to drive sales.

Intuitive UX: The user experience offered by a website always pales in comparison to a mobile app. This is because the content and animations displayed on a website are controlled by a remote server and are bound to suffer from lags. On an app, however, all the information is stored locally thereby offering a highly responsive interface.

Customer Retention: The average smartphone user spends close to 4 hours on the smartphone each day. Every time a user turns on the screen, he/she is likely to stumble upon the app. This translates into brand recall. Apps also promise better customer retention as customers are more likely to stick to a brand if they are habituated to their services.

Opt for mCommerce and breathe life into your retail business. Partner with Openwave, a leading Mobile App Developer in Malaysia, and build a trendy shopping app for your business. Give us a call today and get started!

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6 Ways in which Magento stands apart from contemporary eCommerce platforms

Ever since its original release in 2008, Magento has grown to become the world’s leading eCommerce platform with thousands of shopping carts being powered globally by this platform. In the world of open source software, where longevity is unheard of, this platform has maintained its relevance and edge amidst a growing list of alternatives. What makes Magento website development highly sought-after and why is it so successful among its user base?

The following features make Magento the go-to e-commerce website development platform:

Open source: Magento is an Open-source platform that is powered by PHP. Hence, it enjoys the support of thousands of developers around the globe who work throughout the year to offer free and diverse plugins which can expedite development!

Flexible CMS: It offers a highly robust content management system that allows you to build shopping carts that are rich in features and imagery. Thanks to its scalability, the shopping cart can be expanded with an increasing line-up of products without the requirement of an overhaul.

Digital Marketing friendly: It is highly optimized for digital marketing as it offers a variety of tools that are SEO friendly and includes features such as customizable Meta tags and URLs. This helps boost the discoverability of individual product pages and thereby improves the ranking of the pages on your eCommerce website.

Magento in the form of binary code, 3D illustration

Easy Updates: As it is open source, building updates and patches for the website are quite easy and they can be rolled out without much ado. Due to the easy availability of PHP developers, custom plugins and web apps can be easily developed and integrated with the platform.

Responsive and mobile-friendly: In line with emerging mCommerce trends, retail businesses across the globe are targeting mobile shoppers. Here too, Magento offers an edge as it supports responsive designs and is mobile friendly.

Well-organized Back-end: The administration of the shopping cart is made comfortable owing to a highly effective back-end that boasts of an intuitive UI. This simplifies the task of maintaining multiple shopping websites, all of which can be maintained from a single backend.

Convinced with the advantages offered by the platform? Partner with Openwave, a leading e-commerce website development company in Malaysia and hire Magento developers of repute.

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Drive traffic to your eCommerce site by incorporating these 6 eCommerce tips

In this day and age of apps and websites, where everything is literally available at the fingertips, user experience literally begins with getting the interface right. It’s the only way an eCommerce website can enjoy success in the market. When it comes to UI/UX design, website designers cannot afford to lose the attention of their customers and the margin for error is very low.

Incorporating these 6 tips during eCommerce website development is important to develop a site that is seamless in its usability:

Signing Up: App users are never appreciative of extensive signup forms. Bringing up a signup form upon opening the app can drive away most of the traffic as these registrations can be extensive and deter users who may be curious or in a hurry. Social Media sign-in is a better way of overcoming this hassle.

Product Images & Designs: When it comes to eCommerce, the customer takes a leap of faith while placing an order with your website. He/she does not yet know how the final product will look like and pays for the purchase only on the basis of the product imagery. Hence, all product images should be of high resolution and zoomable without pixelation.

Categorization: Consumers love choice. They like to be placed with plenty of relevant options in front of them before they make their final call. The keywords generated during product inquiries should be analyzed to optimize categories and add newer products to the line-up.

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Offers & Coupons: Coupons and discounts can be a great way of boosting sales and clearing stocks. These should be placed strategically all throughout the website and should also pop-up ahead of sign-out. This can help increase the hits and ensure that consumers spend more time on the website.

User-Generated Content: User Generated Content (UGC) such as Reviews, Testimonials, and Comments can increase the visibility of a website in search engine ranks and can also add to the brand value as new customers are more likely to trust reviews by other customers.

Easy Checkout: Easy checkouts should be the topmost priority of any eCommerce website. Customers should have the least number of steps to check out the product. Slowing down the check out process could result in consumers getting distracted and losing interest in the product. This usually increases the bounce rate.

If your team lacks the depth required for such a complex endeavor, hire eCommerce designers to meet your requirements. Openwave is a globally acclaimed player in eCommerce website development and can offer the right assistance to help you develop a stellar UX design for your site.

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4 Reasons why should opt for WooCommerce to build your online shopping site!

If you are one of those “coming of age” retail businesses who are looking to capitalize on the eCommerce boom, then it is time for you to consider building a website that is not just online shopper-friendly but offers something more. With hundreds of online stores crowding the internet, it is important for businesses to provide a differentiating factor that keeps the shopping experience intuitive and immersive. With this in mind, eCommerce retailers across the globe are increasingly adopting WooCommerce as their platform of choice as it offers several unique benefits over other platforms.

If you aren’t sold on WooCommerce, then following reasons are likely to bring you around:

Customized Website layout: Thanks to the efficient integration of plugins, WooCommerce platform helps you build a storefront that is feature-rich and has an intuitive layout which improves the right shopping experience for customers. The entire user-interface is customizable with hundreds of free themes which are available on the internet. This aids in user retention and provides a website that is cross-platform compatible.

Robust eCommerce features: The platform offers you with high flexibility when it comes to designing individual aspects of the eCommerce experience. From product catalogs and search functionality to payment gateways and checkout processes, each and every of the aspect of the website is highly customizable and can be designed according to your specific needs.


Useful Marketing and SEO tools: The marketing tools that are offered by WooCommerce offer you the best capability to boost your visibility and drive your engagement. Some of its stand-out tools include coupon generators, SEO and product reviews tools. Among these, the product review tools are highly customizable and offer several options such as cart discount, cart product discount, and percentage discount.

Efficient Store Management: The store management features on WooCommerce are highly intuitive and help you control the store with two tabs. These two tabs, WooCommerce tab and the Products tab will let you manage the Payment Gateway, Products Coupon, and Security Option with great ease.

Are you sold on WooCommerce? Then consider the platform for your shopping site! We, Openwave, are domain experts in eCommerce platform development and have a dedicated team of WooCommerce developers! Get in touch with our business team and drop in your requirements!

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Looking to Develop a Travel App? These 5 Features are a Must!

travel appAs internet reaches the remote locations of the planet, an increasing number of exotic destinations are getting “discovered.” Thanks to Facebook-ers and Instagram-ers, a large number of urban dwellers look to travel to remote lands. This surge in travel has also brought with it a demand for travel apps. Today, most travelers rely on their smartphones to get about.

If you are looking to develop a travel and tourism app that caters to travelers, be sure to incorporate the following features:

  • Navigational Aids: This feature is highly essential as maps may not always be useful in under-developed tourism spots. Using user-generated data, apps should be able to offer real-time navigational aids that can ensure that users do not get stranded.
  • Cashless Travel: Carrying cash around in tourist destinations can be quite a hassle. It also adds on to the risk of theft. App developers must look to integrate a mobile wallet that helps with instant payments. These apps must be compatible with other payment mediums for seamless transactions.
  • Location-Friendly: The need for an effective smartphone application that has “all-in-one” functionality is felt the most when users in a location where they are not conversant in the local language. These apps must incorporate important functionality such as cab booking, ticketing booking, and information about eateries.
  • Social Travel Planning: Application developers should be able to group together users who are traveling to the same destination. This can improve the experience. Features that allow users to get location recommendations from friends and acquaintances can be an add on.
  • Hacks and Recommendations: Today, several travelers prefer to travel solo. They prefer to hitchhike as opposed to traveling on their own personal mode of transportation. Offer location-specific hacks and car-pool rides through mobile apps and make their travel experience sweeter.

Travel Apps are an emerging market segment with a huge scope for growth. Place your bets on this market by developing a suitable app with Openwave, a leading Mobile Application Developer in Malaysia. Enlist our services for developing mobile applications that stand out from the market clutter.